With summer not far off, and COVID travel restrictions abating, ‘revenge travel’ is poised to return with a vengeance, and we’re here for it. According to CNN, “experts are predicting a summer of travel chaos,” and the tourism sector is bracing for impact.

Before the life-changing year that was 2020, we took travel for granted until the pandemic clipped our wings and forced us to stay closer to home. For those who were already homebodies, the restrictions didn’t seem so bad. But not being able to move around freely became intolerable, and people tired of looking at the walls of their homes. So much has changed for the better thanks to the tireless work of medical professionals who made a vaccine possible.

So is revenge travel something ominous? Not even close. In a nutshell, it refers to indulgence and adding more ‘razzle dazzle’ to your travels. CNN specifies “longer times away, first-class upgrades and bucket- list destinations.” Do you want to spend a month touring The Motherland? Stay at Giraffe Manor in Kenya, where you get up close and personal with friendly giraffes. After that, you can head west to beautiful Senegal, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Have you dreamed of flying first class? Treat yourself. And for something really decadent, why not jet off to The United Arab Emirates and book a night at Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the world’s only 7-star hotel?

Does revenge travel demand that you fork out tons of money? No. It can also mean prioritizing places that weren’t on your radar before. Jamaica and Turks & Caicos get a lot of fanfare, but why not give St. Lucia a try? Earlier this month, we reported that St. Lucia experienced a promising boost in tourist numbers recently. Cultural events like the Gros Islet street party (which resumed just weeks ago), and the carnival in July will entice yet more tourists. Later this summer, as reported by Travel Noire, New Zealand, Japan and the Polynesian island of Samoa plan to re-open their borders. All of these are brimming with culture and activity.

Another way to capitalize on the revenge travel trend is to try activities that entail stepping out of your comfort zone. The Algarve in Portugal is known for its beaches and delicious seafood. But did you know it’s popular for skydiving? Imagine jumping out of a plane, free-falling 15,000 feet, and landing on Alvor Beach? That’ll allow you to appreciate the region from a different angle. If such thrills aren’t for you, consider a hike through Switzerland, Austria or Germany, which has some of the most picturesque scenery in Europe.

Take advantage of the world opening up and get that dream vacation underway!