Inside Fiesta Tour: Puerto Rico's First Official Black-Owned Travel Agency
Photo Credit: Ch'nese and Chris Pittman

Photo Credit: Ch'nese and Chris Pittman

Inside Fiesta Tour: Puerto Rico's First Official Black-Owned Travel Agency

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 10, 2021

Ch’nese and Chris Pittman are the founders of Fiesta Tour: Puerto Rico’s first official Black-owned travel agency.

Just four months into their launch and they’re already selling out of their excursions.

“Puerto Rico was our first vacation without our baby in April 2021. We fell in love with the people the hospitality, and everything the island stood for, plus it’s beautiful,” Ch’nese told Travel Noire.

When they got back home in Atlanta, where they lived for five years, it didn’t feel right. A lightbulb went off and the couple decided to pack their things and move to Puerto Rico.

“Of course we had a few bumps in the road, but everything was flowing smoothly,” Ch’nese added.

Puerto Rico’s culture is just one of the island’s many attributes the couple fell in love with, which ultimately them to launch Fiesta Tour as a way to pay it forward.

“We want to give people a piece of authenticity because that’s what we received when we got here. We have met so many great people who are really helpful. Many people here would give you the shirt off of their backs, and they spread positivity here.”


That culture is how the Pittman’s run their business. What makes them different from any other tour group is they will customize your excursions and activities based on your wants and needs.

“For us, we want to know if it’s your anniversary, birthday, are you celebrating the fact that you’re cancer-free? We want to find out what makes your unique first.”

While the company is based in San Juan, the Black-owned travel agency is focused on getting people out to explore the beauty of Puerto Rico outside the tourist traps.

They offer a rainforest tour in El Yunque, a beach tour, ziplining, horseback riding, and even a bar crawl.


“A lot of people don’t know that Puerto Rico has countless beaches along its 275 miles of coastline,” Chris added. “There are so many waterfalls. So many people don’t even know that Puerto Rico has the only tropical forest in U.S. territory, and that’s what we want visitors to explore.”

Planning is key as the couple is selling out of excursions fast. Book online by clicking here and follow their adventures on Instagram.

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