Plan Your Next Trip With Apple's New Freeform App
Photo Credit: pexels-armand-valendez

Photo Credit: pexels-armand-valendez

Plan Your Next Trip With Apple's New Freeform App

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Dec 15, 2022

Freeform is the new app from Apple that allows organizers to display the content of any form on an unlimited canvas. The app allows users to collaborate and share ideas without worrying about access limitations. No need to worry about the app slowing down your devices, as all the content created is saved onto iCloud. One great way to get the best use out of Freeform is to plan group travels. 

How Does It Work?

Since ideas of all sorts can be shared on the platform from any Apple device, planning your next group vacation can be a breeze. Users can create boards and share them via iMessage or even discuss ideas over Facetime, as it’s integrated into the app. The app excepts all styles of content and media, from images to music, to charts and links to items on the web. You can quickly write on your digital canvas with your finger or use your Apple Pen. Now you can screenshot your favorite influencer’s locations and attach them to the board. You can also find restaurant recommendations and add pictures of your favorite dishes or links with the best reviews. Collaboration is critical, and Freeform is the new platform for creatives and travelers to share ideas.

Photo Credit: Apple

How To Get It

Apple’s Freeform is available today and is free to download from their App Store. It would be best if you operated your devices on the latest operating systems.

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