Imagine your plane about to depart and an elderly man pulls his pants down in the aisle and pees on the floor. Could be pretty horrific right?

Not Knowing Your Limits

A passenger headed to the United States recently pleaded guilty to exposing his penis and urinating on the floor of a plane on a flight from Bali to Brisbane.

The 72-year-old passenger from New Zealand, James Hughes was returning from an Indonesian vacation on Wednesday when he decided to urinate in front of the passengers on the plane.

Hughes had consumed a few small bottles of wine according to the Australian Federal Police reports. Once the plane landed the authorities fined him for rude conduct in public.

Hughes Pleads Guilty

Photo Credit: Paul Alain Hunt

Hughes went before a judge in a Brisbane court and pleaded guilty to the charge. His sentence was a one-year good behavior bond.

Authorities were in disgust with Hughes as he didn’t take into consideration all the families and people that were on that plane when he exposed himself.

The moral of the story, there are a lot of weird things happening on flights these days. You should probably wear a rain poncho on your next trip.