Last week at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport a passenger snuck onto a Delta plane without a ticket. Another passenger who wished to not be identified said the plane was about to take off. Then TSA agents and police came to take the man off the plane.

What happened:

“I was like, ‘Oh Lord, I hope there’s not a bomb on the plane,” he said.

Once the aircraft returned to the gate authorities quickly removed him from the plane.

“I would be terrified almost,” Adriane Burbridge said. “You don’t know what that person’s goal is.”

Flight delays:

Unsplash | Miguel Ángel Sanz

One of the other passengers stated the pilot announced everyone would need to get off the plane. Then the plane would have to be driven to a secure area for authorities to do a sweep. Crews and authorities reassured passengers it wasn’t necessary and the plane eventually took off.

Many of the passengers were wondering how someone could sneak on the plane and actually get on board.

“I was concerned,” the passenger said. “I was also concerned about the fact that, if he could sneak on a plane like that, what else could be snuck on a plane that could cause harm to passengers?”

Delta Airlines chose to not comment on the incident.