A passenger who seemed to be mentally challenged yelled: “heil Hitler” at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Authorities arrested the man after he called for a race war at a crowded American Airlines gate.

Many Yells For Hitler at Airport Gate

Another passenger caught the man’s antics at the airport on their smartphone:

As you can see, the American Airlines agent calmly calls for security.

Shortly after all the screaming, police officers came and arrested the man.

Social media reaction


Free Speech!?

It’s hard to tell whether the man was special needs or just a complete idiot doing it for attention. This type of behavior is illegal in a public place, I can imagine the people who may have been frightened by the man.

As he’s being arrested, he asks if there’s free speech in America. Of course there is, just not at a crowded gate in an airport while you’re spewing hate and war.