Passenger Injured In Air Turbulence Dies 5 Months Later
Photo Credit: Kevin Woblick

Photo Credit: Kevin Woblick

Passenger Injured In Air Turbulence Dies 5 Months Later

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Nov 1, 2022

A passenger seriously injured during turbulence on a SpiceJet flight back in May has passed away five months later.

According to Simple Flying, flight SG-945 from Mumbai to Durgapur was operating on a Boeing 737, which encountered a storm during the flight on May 1.

What happened:

The inclement weather caused severe turbulence in which 15 passengers and crew members were injured.

Among them was 48-year-old Akbar Ansari, who sustained a life-threatening spinal fracture. Since the incident, he had been undergoing treatment for the injury.

Tragedy months later:

However, on September 26, he passed away after five months. The spinal injury was listed on his death certificates as the primary cause of death as it ended up leading to sepsis.

SpiceJet offered to cover all medical expenses and is required to pay compensation, as several issues with the plane were later discovered that put the airline at fault.

Faulty aircrafts to blame?

For one, the aircraft’s weather radar was not working properly. The plane also had prior damage to the cabin, including a broken overhead bin lock, broken armrests, and more.

The faulty radar likely explains why the flight flew into the storm while all other aircraft avoided it. It is unclear if the crew was able to provide passengers with warnings regarding the storm or turbulence. Ansari’s brother, who was flying with him on the flight, said there were no warnings issued telling passengers to fasten their seatbelts.

Airline claims innocence:

The airline, however, claims that multiple announcements were made but not all passengers took heed.

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