A United Airlines flight attendant had her life threatened by a passenger on a flight to Chicago from San Francisco this past Sunday. In the TikTok video that has gone viral the last few days, a woman holding a baby started confronting a flight crew member while yelling “I will kill you. I will f—ing kill you.” As she starts pushing the flight attendant down into the aisle. The flight attendants and crew members demanded the passenger get back to her seat.

Passenger Loses It


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Once the plane landed authorities took the passenger into custody. According to police reports there were three people hospitalized and the FBI is investigating the matter.

A spokesperson for United Airlines stated there were no serious injuries reported.

“A disruptive customer on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago was removed by law enforcement upon landing on Sunday, and one member of the flight attendant crew was taken to a hospital for evaluation,” the United spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “We’re grateful to our crew for handling this difficult situation with professionalism and for putting the safety of our team and our customers first.”

Jesus...Is Going To Save Us


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The passenger who filmed the initial confrontation between the woman and the flight attendant made another video explaining the incident. She states the woman was yelling “gibberish” the whole flight and mentioning “Jesus Christ our savior is going to save us.” As the plane was preparing to land, the woman tried to go to the restroom. That’s when the flight attendants began to ask her to sit down.

Airline Employees Demand More Protection

The week before airline employees gathered for a news conference at Midway Airport. Demanding policies that could provide more protection for flight attendants so these incidents don’t occur. It’s been a difficult two years for the airline industry and passengers are more upset and unruly than ever before.