A traveler has drawn both criticism and praise for sleeping on an air mattress at Orlando International Airport. Yep, you read that right–a whole inflatable bed.

1. What went down:

The man was captured in a photo posted on the I Heart Cabin Crew forum as he slept next to the gate where his flight to Atlanta would be departing at 7:20 p.m.

The caption read “This person is living the dream.” Some shared this sentiment and found the idea smart and admirable.

2. Long layovers to blame?

“Actually genius, after my last five hour layover and my almost 19 hour day of travel I would have loved this even just to relax and put my feet up,” replied one person.

Others were unimpressed and considered the idea over the top, intrusive, and inconsiderate.

“Great idea except he is blocking four seats,” another person commented.

3. sleepinginairports.net 

Some have speculated that the individual could possibly be a part of the sleepinginairports.net community, a database listing the world’s best and worst travel hubs to sleep in.

What say you? Is bringing along an inflatable air mattress something you would consider to get some shut-eye in the airport or was this traveler out of line?

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