What do you get when streetwear and Africa combine? You get an Air Force 1 celebrating Ghanaian culture.

Nike is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the iconic sneaker by highlighting NYC – a city that [arguably] put the shoe on the map and its diverse communities.

If you travel in the Bronx near 167th Street, you know that it’s an area locals call Little Accra. With more than 20,000 Ghanaian-Americans, The Bronx’s Little Accra is reportedly the largest enclave of the Ghanaian diaspora. 

Nike is paying homage to the thousands of Ghanaian immigrants residing in the Bronx and teamed up with co-founder Abdul Karim Abdullah, to bring the warmth and community of Little Accra into fashion with its AF1.

Nike Little Accra Air Force One
Steven Eloiseau | Just Seau You Know

A Love Letter To Ghana


Nike Little Accra Air Force One
Steven Eloiseau | Just Seau You Know

The shoe has satin hues of red, burgundy, yellow, and rust orange with embroidered tapestry.

Designers put spirited messages inside the shoes’ insoles that read “Sharing Stories” and “Building Community.” You’ll also find the words “Little Accra” in a graffiti style to add that “Boogie Down Bronx” flavor.

“The beauty of the community in The Bronx is that people have brought their homes way from home to New York,” says Abdul Karim Abdullah, CEO & Co-Founder of Afrochella. “From the African markets to the restaurants to the community centers – anyone from Ghana won’t feel far from home in The Bronx.”

And this isn’t the first time Nike has shown love to Ghana. Most notably, the brand has collaborated with the late Ghanaian-American designer Virgil Abloh since 2016.

“This collaboration opens Nike’s eyes to opportunities within the continent and marginalized communities supporting the brand,” Abdullah tells Travel Noire. “It creates an opportunity for generations after me to fathom the possibility of having their own shoe … something I never even dreamed of before it happened. It also firms the need for storytelling  and authenticity.”

You can get your hands on a pair of the anniversary edition “Little Accra” Nike AF1s by clicking here and select retailers for $140.