Did you know New York City is the most visited urban city in the United States by Black travelers? The sights, sounds, food and culture bring hundreds of Black tourists to the city year after year. It is one of very few big cities where you can be immersed in all Black neighborhoods, districts, exhibitions, culture and more.

Especially now as city officials have been working hard to ensure there are events and experiences that truly celebrate the Black experience across the city.

“When developing the plan for our new, year-long content channel, The Black Experience in NYC, we challenged ourselves to define what makes the Black community in New York City so unique and fascinating,” newly appointed Senior Director of Multicultural Content Rondel Holder said. “Yes, the city is the birthplace of hip-hop and the Harlem Renaissance, but growing up and residing here, I know that we are so much more than that. Our true value is that we are the only city in the world that has the entire Black diaspora, a global Black experience in five boroughs—including Black people from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, South America and the US— and countless affinity groups, vibrant neighborhoods and experiences that allow every Black person to find their tribe and express every layer and nuance of their Black expression. That is how NYC continues to make Black history every day.”

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If you live in the city or have plans to visit soon, here’s how you can experience Black culture in New York City.

Black Culture and History Sites in NYC

NYC was one of the main city the Black community settled in during the Great Migration, the mass movement of African Americans from the rural Southern United States to urban areas in the North, Midwest, and West between the early 20th century and the 1970s. With New York City housing one of the largest populations of Black residents in America, Black history and culture is seen throughout the city.

From the birthplace of hip-hop in the Bronx and the jazz era in Harlem, to Crown Heights in Brooklyn which honors the achievements of Shirley Chisholm. Black culture and history in NYC also spans from its crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement like the NAACP’s presence there and being home to influential leaders like leaders Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. to the African Burial Ground. Discovered in the 1990s during construction in Lower Manhattan, the African Burial ground shows the Black community’s long and arduous history in the city as it contains the remains of thousands of African Americans buried during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Throughout its history, Black communities in New York City have faced challenges, but they have also been at the forefront of cultural, social, and political movements, leaving an indelible mark on the city.

Here are some of the Black history and culture sites you should check out.

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Museums and Educational Centers

Monuments and Landmarks


Black Owned Restaurants In NYC

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Black culture and history also means traditional and modern fusion cuisine stemming from the diversity of cultures across the city. Black Owned Restaurants are being spotlighted for Black History Month by the city, and we wanted to highlight some of our favorites from their list. Get a taste from different cuisines from all throughout the diaspora in this one large city. Consider planning which restaurant to try based on which district’s sites you plan on visiting.

Exploring The Best of Black-Owned NYC

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Exploring New York City can seem overwhelming with it having so much to do, see and eat. Here are a few curated guides, powered by “NYC & Company Black Culture and Experiences,” to help you navigate a weekend in the city. Getting lost in this big city can also be fun, but here is how to experience NYC like a native New Yorker.

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