Within the last few years, Las Vegas has provided residencies to some of the top artists of the century — celebrities like Fabolous, French Montana, John Legend, Adele, and now Usher. All have scheduled back-to-back performances in one of the most visited cities in the world. However, with new artists emerging daily on social media and music streaming services, it’s easy to let greatness slip through the cracks.

In some ways, remembering what real talent looks like in a world of algorithms and trendy dance moves can be challenging. One artist, in particular, has lasted the test of time and continues to sound just as great as he did when he was so sick of love songs. During a recent performance inside the world-renowned Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, Ne-Yo made it clear why he deserves a botanical garden.

Inside Drai’s Nightclub

Ne-Yo performing to crowd at Drai's Nightclub in Vegas
Photo Credit: Drai’s Nightclub

If you’ve never experienced Drai’s Nightclub, it’s one of the most magnificent indoor-outdoor venues on earth. With Las Vegas providing perfect weather late at night, it’s understandable how this venue has become extremely popular among travelers worldwide. In most major cities, nightclubs are usually indoors. Rarely would you find comfort within a nightclub without securing a VIP section. However, Drai’s Nightclub removes all stigmas you could have when partying at a late-night venue.

If you don’t feel like you’re close enough, the venue has two stadium-sized screens that zoom into the performers. The experience is too good to be true and worth every penny if you’re a nightlife fanatic.

You should expect to pay top dollar to attend an event at this venue. The price of drinks may also burden your pockets. Unfortunately, there’s no travel hack to these kinds of experiences unless you have friends in privileged places.

Las Vegas is where people go to have fun spending their hard-earned money. Also, when you arrive at the venue and see all the staff, the security, the engineers, the bartenders, and all of the manpower it takes to create this experience, then you’ll understand why the prices are what they are. 

On Ne-Yo’s Performance

Around 2 a.m., Grammy Award-winning artist Ne-Yo emerges on stage. A true showman, he interacts with the crowd and thanks the audience for waiting patiently as he promises to give the people a show. That he did, performing chart-topping records from his catalog of hits. The crowd was hyped and intoxicated, singing along to all of his hits, “Because of You,” “Sexy Love,” “Closer,” and “She Knows.”

Full performances from a celebrity in a nightclub are unheard of in places like Atlanta and New York City. However, at Drai’s Nightclub, we got the full Ne-Yo experience. Complete with dancers, a band, and DJ, Ne-Yo’s performance was flawless. He had the energy of a new artist with the class of a veteran superstar. His kind of talent is timeless. 

Surprisingly, after going through a few of his classics, he introduced a set of all the songs he’s written for other people. From Mario’s “Let Me Love You” to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” Ne-Yo’s versatility with each song is on full display. The venue had over 1,000 people on their feet, holding on to every word. 

One thing that night was clear — Ne-Yo is still a force to be reckoned with.

Ne-Yo on stage at Drai's Nightclub Vegas
Photo Credit: Drai’s Nightclub

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