A new Delta One Lounge will open at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) in 2025. This will be the airline’s fourth Delta One Lounge. It will follow the recent opening at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and upcoming lounges at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The Delta One Lounge is a premier airport socializing place designed to provide luxury and comfort.

Unlike standard airline lounges, Delta One Lounges cater specifically to long-haul business travelers. They also welcome first-class travelers and select members of Delta’s loyalty programs. These places offer a range of high-end amenities. Services include gourmet dining options curated by celebrity chefs, wellness and relaxation services, private shower suites, and personalized customer service. The aim is to create an environment where passengers can relax, dine, and work in an exclusive, serene setting before their flights.

Location And Opening Timeline 

The new Delta One Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will open in 2025. Official confirmation of the lounge’s location is still pending, but word on the street is that it will be in or near Terminal A. This is the same building where Delta aims to launch its second Sky Club by 2024. This area is a prime location for Delta’s elite customers to have easy access.

The design of the new Delta One Lounge will reflect Delta’s commitment to luxury and comfort. Although specific design details are still under wraps, the lounge is expected to feature a spacious layout with distinct areas for dining, relaxation, and work. This Delta One social spot primarily targets passengers traveling in Delta One class and Delta 360° members flying in Delta First Class. Additionally, travelers holding first and business-class tickets on Delta’s partner airlines, such as Air France, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic, will also have access.

Delta representatives have expressed excitement about this development. “Delta’s second Sky Club in SEA is planned for December 2024, and our Delta One Lounge in SEA will open in 2025,” an airline spokesperson told Travel + Leisure. “We look forward to sharing additional details soon.”