Delta To Unveil New Luxury Lounges For Premium Fliers In 2023
Photo Credit: Stephen McFadden

Photo Credit: Stephen McFadden

Delta To Unveil New Luxury Lounges For Premium Fliers In 2023

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah May 10, 2022

Lovers of luxury take note, Delta to unveil new luxury lounges as soon as next year.

Delta Air Lines is going to open its very first Delta One Clubs for business-class passengers in coming years. The airline officially shared details of the business-class-only lounges set to rock the airline lounge world.

The Points Guy reported that Delta is to unveil new luxury lounges in NYC (JFK) but also in L.A. (LAX). The luxury lounge in JFK aims to open in 2023 and the lounge in LAX will be later in 2023.

Travelers in for a treat with Delta

According to TPG, Delta added “visitors can expect a dedicated level of service that elevates the lounge experience for Delta One customers”.

“We are constantly striving to elevate the Delta Sky Club experience, and Delta One Clubs will add a premium touch to our offerings that we know our guests have come to expect.” Claude Roussel, the managing director of Delta Sky Clubs, shared with Travel + Leisure.

“Visitors to Delta One Clubs will enjoy a personalized, dedicated level of service that will continue to enhance our standard of hospitality.”

JFK’s Delta One Club will offer 36,000 square feet of space near Concourse B in Terminal 4. LAX’s lounge will have roughly 10,000 square feet and connect to a recently opened Sky Club in Terminal 3.

“We’re creating best-in-class experiences in our lounges that make every Club a sought-after part of the travel journey,” Roussel mentioned in a statement. “From working with local artists to incorporating new culinary elements, we continue to look for ways to deliver an experience and an atmosphere that’s widely enjoyed by Delta customers.”

Sky clubs will also pop up in Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Atlanta and Tokyo later in 2022. It goes without saying that there is much for premium Delta fliers to look forward to.

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