New England is a Northeastern region of the United States. It comprises many different areas that offer travelers different experiences. The six New England states each have unique charm and characteristics that would make a road trip to the region that much more enticing. The refreshing Atlantic coastline, forest-filled mountains, and famous fall foliage are just a few of the reasons that millions of people travel to New England each year. 

Fall in New England is a sight to behold. Everywhere people look is filled with vivid color from the falling leaves, and with each passing day, the thriving surrounding nature makes itself known. Nothing beats this region in the fall, especially during the season’s peak in late September and early October. Whether visitors are looking to enjoy the natural beauty, Halloween thrills or serene communities of the region, there is a state that paints the perfect backdrop. Learn about the best things to see and do in each New England state during an epic road trip

Road Tripping Through New England 

A road trip throughout New England is a great way to spend time in fall. 
pictured: a New England river with bright red trees and a single bird flying over the water

Travelers who are interested in seeing all six states of New England will be glad to know that they can see them in one go. A road trip through all six states might sound like a daring feat, but it has been done before and is not incredibly difficult. An aspiring New England road tripper can expect to explore each state and complete a road trip in one week. Flying to Boston to start the trip helps make the road trip feel less intimidating, but if travelers prefer, they can drive to Boston, Massachusetts instead (of course, that will add driving time depending on the departure location). For those flying to save time, make sure to allocate time for any possible travel delays (and time to acquire the rental car). 

New England is not particularly large, so roadtrippers should map out their stops and perhaps try to spend a day in each state. Traveling this way will allow visitors to get a more thorough cultural experience and help alleviate stress from rushing from state to state as quickly as possible. Plus, being able to curate a travel plan is one of the best parts of a road trip. This road trip is meant to be relaxing and fun, so here are some suggestions to help ensure that it is. 

Passing Time on the Road

Since travelers will likely drive around different states for a week (or two if extending the vacation), some road trip games will break up the monotony of being out on the open road. Games like I Spy and 20 Questions are interactive group games that travelers can enjoy. For solo travelers, enjoying a good audiobook, favorite album, or podcast can help make the alone time go quicker. Introverts will love this extended road trip that involves seeing some of the most stunning views on the Northeastern side of the country. 

Things To Do 

There are many exiting things to do in the many states of New England.
pictured: a New England coast with a light house and surrounding house on a cloudy day

New England is wildly diverse, and the region offers travelers a nice mix of picturesque backgrounds from cities, small oceanside towns, and staggering mountains. So, it is no surprise that many travelers have a hard time picking just one of the six states within New England to visit. 

As with road trips, a lot of the fun is in letting the pace of things flow and selecting what works best for each traveler. That can sometimes mean staying in one place longer or skipping a location entirely. To help travelers make those game-time decisions, here is a lineup of the best things to do in each state of New England. 


Massachusetts is a New England state with popular sites.
pictured: a Massachusetts back road covered with reddish fall leaves

Travelers should start their New England road trip in Massachusetts’ capital city, Boston. Since Boston has the most popular international airport in the region, Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), it is much more accessible to travelers coming from both domestic and international destinations. Boston is known for its famous baseball team, the Red Sox, and its popular pubs, which often go hand in hand.

Road trippers stopping in Boston have plenty to do since it is an energetic city. For sports fans, there are many informational tours of Fenway Park, the stadium where the Red Sox play. Experienced tour guides show guests around where over a century of baseball history has been made. Travelers with a designated driver (or who have settled into their nearby accommodations) can even visit one of the local brewpubs. J.J. Foley’s Cafe has been around for over a century and is one of the best Irish bars around. Grab some pub grub or a draught beer after exploring the city. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a seaside state of New England that many travelers should explore on a road trip.
pictured: The warm blue waters of Rhode Island waving over black beach rocks

The next stop on the round trip around New England is the seaside destination of Providence, Rhode Island. Providence, Rhode Island, is around one hour away from Boston, Massachusetts, by car. The capital city, Providence, is a rich cultural hub with a particular appreciation for art and cuisine. Providence is known for its friendly community, the serene Providence River and its small-town charm. 

Since Providence, Rhode Island is right on the water, it would be a shame to miss out on all the aquatic fun. Travelers visiting Providence enjoy paddling on the river and taking in all the surrounding sights. With ombre leaves falling from every direction, the river provides a steady journey beside the forest with surprisingly great city skyline views. For travelers wanting to taste the local cuisine of Providence, there are plenty of restaurants close by to help regain energy after paddling. Black Sheep, a Black-owned brunch and American cuisine restaurant, hosts nightly entertainment in a cozy neighborhood spot. The restaurant is very welcoming and inclusive; it’s even known for its weekly drag events. 


Connecticut is a New England state that is great to visit during the fall.
pictured: a large, brown Connecticut house sitting on a hill near the water

Hartford, Connecticut, is a one hour and thirty-minute drive from Providence, Rhode Island. Hartford is a historical capital city that is best known for its ties to Mark Twain and the title of the wealthiest city in the country in the 19th century. 

Since Hartford is rich with exciting history, the city is excellent for history buffs or travelers who want a slow travel day. The Mark Twain House and Museum is an attraction that is wildly popular. Visitors of the 11,500-square-foot mansion, built in 1874, can see the very desk where the famous writer wrote his most well-known books. The stunning Victorian home in Hartford was home to one of America’s greatest writers from 1874 to 1891


Montpelier, Vermont has many nature attractions for visitors to enjoy. 
pictured: A road in Vermont with pretty red, green, and yellow leaved trees in the back

The capital city of Vermont, Montpelier, is a three-hour drive from Hartford, Connecticut. Vermont is known for its scenic autumns, snowy peaks, and the over 100 19th-century wooden bridges within its state lines. Although Montpelier is the capital, it is actually relatively small. It is actually the smallest state capital in the United States. The city is not a metropolitan hub since it has many well-restored old buildings, wooded parks, and a small town. 

Some of the most popular things to do in Montpelier are outdoor recreational activities and visiting historical landmarks. Hubbard Park is the top spot to visit and appreciate nature since it has over 100 acres for visitors to explore. There are seven miles of trail to hike, and the park is a great place to have a leisurely stroll or picnic at. The Vermont State House is the best historical landmark in the area. The state house has a grand gold dome at the top of it, and travelers can take a free, 30-minute tour there. 

New Hampshire 

New Hampshire is a small and historic state of New England. Learn more about the state and what there is to do. 
pictured: A winding road in New Hampshire with a rainbow of fall leaves surrounding the nearby river

From the small town of Montpelier, Vermont travelers’ next destination would be Concord, New Hampshire. It should take nearly two hours to get to the state capital. Although Concord is a quaint and historic town, it has plenty for visitors to do. With intriguing museums, historical attractions, and many flourishing spots for nature tourism, Concord offers travelers something new at seemingly every turn.

Nature tourism is very big in New Hampshire and especially in Concord. There are a few waterfalls and mountains in the area (and over 100 waterfalls in the greater New Hampshire state) that have picture-perfect views for travelers to take in. The Sewalls Falls Trail is a popular site to view waterfalls and hike. The trail is almost two miles long and is not a hard trail to complete. This, and its proximity to Concord, make it one of the best spots to relax in. There is even a recreational area for travelers who do not enjoy hiking and prefer to unwind near the water. 


Maine is a coastal state that many love to visit. Learn more about the New England state's offerings.
pictured: a cliff in Maine with a lighthouse and lodging sitting near the rocky edges

From Concord it will take an hour and a half to get to Maine. Kennebunkport, Maine, to be exact. This coastal town of southern Maine is known for its thriving literary and art community. Another distinctive feature of the town is that it used to be the (summer) home of a United States President. Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush used to vacation in the town and that same vacation home is still owned by the Bush family. The town is also known for being pedestrian-friendly, so travelers who may be a bit tired of driving can have some relief. 

In fact, visiting Kennebunkport means there will be plenty of opportunities to take strolls. There are a vast amount of walking tours in the area. Some historical walking tours last around two hours. There are popular beaches in the area, like Goose Rocks Beach and Arundel Beach. These public beaches are loved for their white sandy coasts and idyllic quiet locations.