Wondering Where To Stay In Boston? Start with These Neighborhoods
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Wondering Where To Stay In Boston? Start with These Neighborhoods

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Sarah Rand
Sarah Rand Sep 22, 2023

Boston is known for its small town feel but big metropolitan look. With plenty of public transportation and boroughs, Boston is easily accessible for all that visit the capital city of Massachusetts. While the proximity of Boston areas are convenient, the sheer amount of options available can make it hard for travelers to determine the best places to stay in Boston.

Considering accommodations is a critical step and one thing that can help is pinpointing things to do around Boston. This will help set the travel agenda for the trip and, in turn, where to stay in Boston. 

Boston’s Energetic and Centrally Located Places to Stay

Tourist areas provide one way of enjoying Boston and its attractions make where to stay in Boston an easy choice.

Back Bay Area

Back Bay is a warm and inviting neighborhood lined with brown stones and beautiful monuments. It is an idyllic area to visit and explore for those seeking a shopping hub and an architecturally striking vacation spot. Some of the most popular sites in Back Bay are the Boston Public Library, Eataly Boston, and Copley Square.

The Boston Public Library is grand and has a wing that is reminiscent of ancient Greece. Those who have not had the chance to visit Greece will appreciate the quiet and columned space. Eataly Boston is an Italian marketplace that has many different cafes and restaurants. Visitors can even sign up for cooking classes or tastings to learn about the rich history of Italian food. Copley Square is a historical place and one of the most well known in Back Bay. There, visitors will find a bronze statue of the square’s namesake, American Portraitist John Singleton Copley, and ample green space. 

Fenway/Kenmore Area

Fenway Park is a popular site in the Fenway/Kenmore area that highlights the historical importance of the Boston Red Sox and makes it a great place to stay in Boston.

The Fenway and Kenmore Square are popular areas in Boston for young people since the area is home to a dozen colleges and universities. Because of its younger population due to the surrounding educational institutions, there are plenty of things to do which makes it one of the best active places to stay in Boston.

It is the home of the Red Sox as well, so sport’s fans fuel its energetic reputation and historical importance. Fenway Park, the stadium of the Boston Red Sox, is so popular it even offers tours on game days. Tour guides take participants on a one hour walking tour that highlights over 100 years of Boston baseball history and achievements.

The Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall are also great stops for visitors in the area. The Museum of Fine arts is like a vessel for time travel, with its many exhibitions from diverse time periods and cultures. The museum has more Monet pieces than any museum outside of Paris, so it is a must see for art lovers. At Symphony Hall, visitors can tour the hall or attend a musical performance. After visitors see the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the Symphony Hall they can proudly boast that they have experienced the largest orchestration organization in the world.  

Boston’s Less Frequented Areas to Stay In

The more suburban areas of Boston, Hyde Park and Somerville, provide many reason why they are best areas to stay.

Hyde Park 

This area has the charm of a suburban city. With plenty of outdoor spaces and local art events, Hyde Park offers a warm community to its residents and visitors alike. For nature lovers, Mill Pond Reservation is a beautiful space to hike, fish and relax in. The art community is thriving in Hyde Park and is celebrated through the many events held in the area.

A community favorite is The Switch Co-Op, a coop for artists to showcase and sell various mediums of artistic expression. Open mics, paint events and other art focused programs are hosted in this area.

For vacationers looking for creative activities and a leisurely pace, Hyde Park is it.


As one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, Somerville has significant cultural heritage. Eclectic is a word that is often associated with the area, since the population is so varied and expressive. There are plenty of activities to do in the area, including concerts, outdoor movies and visiting local shops. The Bow Market is a popular stop in the square of Somerville that offers a platform for the area’s most creative people to display their small businesses. A great feature of the area is the easy access to the bus and subway system, so it is no problem to go from Legoland to the neighborhood squares

These areas more frequented by locals and provide a more residential charm with an array of cultural spots to visit.

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