The Winter Solstice starts today, and she’s debuting with a bang. According to USA Today, “a strong cold front is expected to push across the country in the coming days, and airlines are already starting to feel the impact.” 

As a result, you can expect serious flight delays and cancellations. If you have plans to fly over the next few days, be sure to stay on top of updates from your carrier.

Cancellations Have Happened Already

According to Flight Aware, “just after 2:00 p.m. ET, 385 flights in the U.S. had been canceled.”

That amount will almost certainly go up.

What's The Path Of The Storm?

The storm will cross to the east over the next few days, and the temperatures reflect that. Even if you aren’t traveling, be sure to bundle up!

USA Today wrote, “airlines have already issued waivers in much of the Midwest, Northeast and even parts of the South for some carriers.”

Options In The Event Of Flight Cancellation or Delay Vary

USA Today compiled a list of things to do if you have to deal with flight delays or worse, cancellations.

First: “The Department of Transportation requires all airlines to refund your ticket even if you purchased a nonrefundable fare in the event that your flight is canceled,” the publication said. “But airlines usually don’t compensate for weather-related delays because they are seen as outside of the carrier’s control.”

Second: “airlines may not offer compensation for many weather delays, they do preemptively try to give travelers more flexibility ahead of expected severe weather.”

Check the link above to see the specific rules for the major carriers.