In a remarkable display of perseverance, Genora Boykins, a Houston attorney, and her business partner, Sharon Owens, have shattered barriers by opening the first Black-owned bed and breakfast in the heart of Houston. La Maison Midtown, a five-star urban retreat, stands as a testament to their vision, hard work and dedication to providing guests with an exceptional hospitality experience.

Photo credit: La Maison

The journey began in 1999 when Boykins and Owens joined forces to purchase the land that would later become the site of their remarkable venture. The plans for La Maison Midtown, an exquisite bed and breakfast, were finalized in 2008, and the doors of hospitality swung open to welcome the first guests in 2010.

Motivated by the ever-shifting landscape of corporate America and the imminent approach of retirement, Boykins and Owens sought a new chapter in their lives. It was one where they could exert control and indulge in their passions. They recognized the transformation taking place in Houston’s Midtown area and eagerly joined the vibrant future unfolding before them. With a desire to contribute to a greater representation of African American female entrepreneurs and developers, the duo embarked on a path less traveled, harnessing their time, talent and resources to bring their dream to life.

La Maison

Photo credit: La Maison

La Maison Midtown is characterized by a harmonious blend of classic elegance and comforting warmth, nestled in a prime location in the heart of the city. Boykins and Owens pride themselves on their ability to create an atmosphere that instantly makes guests feel welcome and at ease.

Their business mantra, “Escape to the city,” captures the essence of what La Maison Midtown represents. Guests are treated to an enchanting getaway, where they can immerse themselves in Houston’s diverse cultures and indulge in its captivating array of places and events.

Photo credit: La Maison Midtown

Boykins and Owens have not only opened a remarkable bed and breakfast, but also shattered ceilings and paved the way for future generations of Black entrepreneurs. La Maison Midtown is a testament to their resilience, passion and unwavering commitment to excellence in the face of adversity. As they continue to thrive and make a lasting impact, their story inspires all.