Founded in 2019 by Jason Broadnax, an ‘army brat’ from Delray Beach, FL, Moor Global is a Black-owned travel agency from Florida that combines traveling, real estate and descendants of Africans from all over the world. “Moor Global was created for Africans from all across the diaspora to come back together and regain all the great knowledge and wealth that we had when the Moors ruled the world.

Broadnax explained that he chose to name the company Moor Global in order to pay homage to the Moors who ruled the Iberia Peninsula for 800 years, Black Muslims from Africa that contributed to that southern European region with technology, art and culture.

“We must start at the beginning with the Moors. The Moors, who came from Africa, ruled Spain and Portugal for over 800 years. They introduce many new advancements to Europe in the areas of health, hygiene, culinary & new culture. The Moors also brought Europeans a wealth of new knowledge in the fields of Mathematics, Geography, Agriculture and Philosophy. They introduced to Europe the paper and the Arabic numerals system. It was through African people- The Moors- that the knowledge of China, India, Arabia & the Americas reached Europe,” he said.

Broadnax recalls that he was inspired to open his company after meeting Black people from South America, the Caribbean & Africa while obtaining a degree in Business at North Carolina A&T.

“I was meeting all these people that look like me from all over the world. They would tell me about their cultures, families and the homes that they had in their native lands. This made my curiosity peak- and in a sense, started the creation of Moor Global.”

He said that his motivation is to make this Black-owned travel agency from Florida a source to help build Black wealth through African diaspora destinations and real estate all over the world. To date, Moor Global has extended to 8 countries such as Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria Colombia, Costa Rica, Senegal South Africa, Tanzania Kenya and Egypt.

“The Moor Global’s journey starts with a lush vacation to get to know that area and the locals. Followed by acquiring property for vacation homes, retirement homes or rental property. Moor Global does this by working with companies like Itravel, Gold Star Premier and many others to make international travel and real estate accessible to all Africans of the diaspora,” he explained.

By making international travel and real estate accessible to all Black people, Broadnax emphasizes that Moor Global helps bring economic opportunities to Black communities around the world, which will allow him to keep the wealth within those communities worldwide while exposing Black people in the U.S. to new cultures, heritage and knowledge.

“Moor Global is not your everyday travel trap. It’s an opportunity to build generational wealth. We are currently working on coffee tours, so stay tuned for that.”

You can follow Moor Global on its Instagram account.