The Moorish people influenced the Europeans in many aspects. However, it is the Moorish achievements in architecture that have the greatest impact, especially in Spain.

The presence of the Moorish people and culture in Andaluisa, Spain dates back to the 8th century, when Black Muslims from Africa conquered the region of the Iberian Peninsula. Ruling there for almost 800 years, they left a rich cultural legacy.

Other cities impacted by the Moorish people include: Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla. There you will be surrounded by history, magnificent architecture and art produced and developed by the Moors. 

To get a glimpse, check these amazing Moorish castles, royal palaces and mosques that survived over time.

1. Granada, Spain



Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

The largest Moorish site in Granada, is an ancient palace, fortress and citadel. It is considered one of the most beautiful architectural complexes in the world.

Generalife’s spectacular gardens are the must-go place in Granada. Built in the 14th century during the reign of Muhammad III, the palace was originally used as a royal summer retreat.

The large Moorish-style gardens, and the Patio de la Acequia, with its famous rectangular pool,  is surrounded by colonnades and flowers. It is definitely a living postcard.

The Alcazár Nazarí de Comares Palace also makes visitors flock there every year. With beautiful areas such as the Court of the Lions (Patio de Los Leones), surrounded by 124 marble columns and a water fountain in the middle with 12 lion sculptures. 

2. Cordoba, Spain

Córdoba is a Spanish tourist city with an impressive monumental heritage. It was the capital of the Independent Emirate and the Umayyad Caliphate of the West, when it reached its peak. Its most famous monument is the mosque that is declared a World Heritage Site

Córdoba mosque is the third-largest mosque in the world, with 75,459 square feet. Built by  Emir Abd al-Rahman, in the 8th century, Córdoba Mosque was the first of its kind to be built in the Western world.  

Today, the mosque mixes Muslim characteristics (marble and columns and arcs) with Christian elements such as chapels, altars and saints statues. 

3. Seville


Andalusia’s capital and the fourth-largest city in Spain, Seville holds a spectacular Moorish legacy— the Royal Alcazar of Seville. The palace was inspired by La Alhambra palace architecture. Built as a fort in 913, the palace has gone through multiple modifications in its long history.

The palace is considered the best example of the Moorish artistic architecture system. The royal palace is decorated with arches and mosaic tiling, as well as with a stunning sunken garden with central water feature. It was featured in the popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones.’