Man Pushes Pregnant Wife Off Cliff While Vacationing To Collect Life Insurance
Photo Credit: Billy Pasco

Photo Credit: Billy Pasco

Man Pushes Pregnant Wife Off Cliff While Vacationing To Collect Life Insurance

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Nov 3, 2022

A Turkish man has been convicted of pushing his wife, who was seven months pregnant, off a cliff.

What we know:

According to Fox News, Hakan Aysal, 41, and Semra Aysal, 32, were vacationing in southern Turkey when the crime occurred. Authorities believe Aysal summoned his wife to the edge of the 1,000-foot-high cliff to take a selfie, after which he then pushed her to her death.

Prior to the crime, Hakan had taken out a $25,000 life insurance policy on Aysal, which he tried to collect after the murder. However, he was unable to do so due to the police investigation.

Initial plea

Aysal initially pled innocent, but then entered a last-minute insanity plea, which the court rejected.

Family members of Hakan and Aysal grew suspicious due to Hakan’s calm demeanor after his wife’s death and started to believe Aysal’s fall was not an accident.

Forensic evidence

“When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car. My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad,” said Aysal’s brother, Naim Yolcu.

“My sister was always against taking out loans. However, after she died, we learned she had loans taken out by Hakan on behalf of my sister.”

A well deserved ruling

Hakan was sentenced to life in prison and will have to serve thirty years of his sentence before he becomes eligible to be considered for an early release.

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