The movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” explores the Osage murders that occurred in the 1920’s with a star studded cast. The on-screen narrative, which is based on the non-fiction novel of David Grann, was directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 2023. With heavy hitters like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone, Brendan Fraser and Robert De Niro, the retelling was bound to be a hit.

The story follows Mollie Burkhart (played by Lily Gladstone) an Osage Nation member as a devious plot to acquire oil that was discovered on tribal land unfolds. Corrupt political powers, greed and murder all converge in this true story about the Osage reservation. The film’s cast and crew earned 360 award nominations, winning 104 since 2023. The movie is also up for several categories of the Academy Awards and Critics Choice Awards in 2024. 

The politically and culturally charged narrative of this Western crime film is a unique contribution to the screen. The powerful performances and overall commitment to providing viewers with an accurate view of the locations and people of this piece of history have garnered global attention. So, it is no surprise that travelers who discovered the moving film are curious about its origins. Here we have highlighted the unique filming destinations, how they contributed to the movie and what tourists can find there

Fairfax, Oklahoma 

Fairfax, Oklahoma is the setting of the film “Killers of the Flower Moon” and a filming location.
pictured: the rolling hills of Fairfax
  • Key Scenes: the cemetery, Mollie and Ernest’s house, the church 
  • Best Time to Visit: spring (from March to May)
  • Transportation Options: take the local bus or get a rental car 

Fairfax, Oklahoma is where the story truly unfolded, so it is no surprise that it is a major filming location that brought the narrative to life. Fairfax is a mid-sized town in Osage County that has a dark past. As the film depicts, Fairfax is a historic town that was the main site of the Osage Indian Murders which occurred during the 1920’s. This location was selected so that the film was as historically accurate as possible. Although many of the buildings captured in Fairfax were sets (including the cemetery and the church), using the true location of the historical events contributed to the recreation of the story. The grounds of the Osage reservation near Fairfax were used for some shots, as well as the First National Bank and Masonic Lodge. To experience the same weather conditions as the crew of the film, movie fans should travel to Fairfax between May and August. 

Things to Do: The Oklahoma Aquarium and the Philbrook Museum of Art are some of the most exciting tourist attractions in Fairfax.

Where to Eat: Treats and Brandy’s Drive-In are the top rated eateries in Fairfax. Treats is a quaint coffee shop that offers an array of baked goods. Brandy’s Drive-In offers American cuisine in the evening and donuts in the morning, so travelers will have plenty to choose from. 

Where to Stay: The Ben Ranch House and the Osage County Cottage are popular accommodations that have historic and homey feels to them. 

Pawhuska, Oklahoma 

Pawhuska, Oklahoma is a rural destination that helped create Fairfax in a movie. 
pictured: bison grazing in a Pawhuska pasture
  • Key Scenes: Fairfax main street, the courthouse 
  • Best Time to Visit: for the best warm weather, between June to August 
  • Transportation Options: either ride the bus or take a car 

Pawhuska served as the main filming location for the town of Fairfax in the film. Surprisingly, the town was mainly utilized for filming, but despite that selection the lands of the Osage people were still used. The train station, storefronts and buildings on the main street were set up in Pawhuska to recreate the atmosphere of 1920’s Fairfax. There is a rich Native American culture in Pawhuska (which was named after the Osage chief Paw-Hiu-Skah which means White Hair), so travelers that want to visit can learn more about the history and culture there. Other than the interesting cultural significance of Pawhuska, tourists can explore places like Drummond Ranch and downtown Pawhuska to enjoy the thriving nature and businesses of this historic destination. 

Things to Do: The Osage Nation Museum is a very popular attraction of the area, since many tourists visit to learn more about the Osage Nation. The Osage Language Center is a popular spot for art and culture lovers. 

Where to Eat: Buffalo Joe’s Drive-In, The Mercantile and Huskie Grill are the top restaurants in the area which serve American cuisine and are even known as many locals favorites. 

Where to Stay: Most people visit Pawhuska from bigger cities like Tulsa or Oklahoma city but there are options for every budget. The Mabelle and Frontier Hotel Pawhuska are the top affordable and luxury stays (respectively) in Pawhuska. 

Bartlesville, Oklahoma 

Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a relatively populated town that has links to the filmic re-telling of the Osage murders.
pictured: Bartlesville storefronts
  • Key Scenes: William Hale’s house and oil derrick field 
  • Best Time to Visit: May, September or October to avoid the rainy season 
  • Transportation Options: low fare public transportation system called CityRide

Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a business hub so travelers will notice more metropolitan areas, in comparison to the rural filming locations of the film. Bartlesville was used for many parts of the movie, but the Hughes Ranch was a big part of the narrative. On this ranch William Hale’s house was built for filming, but what is significant is that Hale’s old hideaway actually once existed on this spacious land. Another part of the film which the ranch was used for was the oil field and murder scenes. The property, which spans over 12,000 acres, came in handy for filming since much of the land has been left undeveloped. It is currently home to thousands of adopted mustangs, so animal lovers will appreciate the opportunity to view (or tour, depending on if they are available at the time) such wondrous creatures on the open pasture. Bartlesville has much to offer travelers since it has more to do and see. For example, travelers can enjoy the Bartlesville nature trails, Osage Hills State Park or Prairie National Wild Horse Refuge to see the stunning natural landscapes of Bartlesville. 

Things to Do: Tourists looking to learn more about the natural and historic environment of Bartlesville will enjoy spots like the Bartlesville Area History Museum and Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve. 

Where to Eat: Laid back places like the Westside Pub, Painted Horse Bar & Grill and Murphy’s Original Steak House are local and tourist favorites in Bartlesville. 

Where to Stay: The Hilton Garden Inn Bartlesville and Inn at Price Tower are popular middle priced accommodation options for tourists. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Tulsa is a popular travel destination in Oklahoma. 
pictured: a busy street of downtown Tulsa
  • Key Scenes: lawyer’s building and exterior of courthouse 
  • Best Time to Visit: October for the best weather and prices 
  • Transportation Options: bus services called Tulsa Transit run frequently in the area 

Tulsa is the second most populated city in Oklahoma (which is only surpassed by Oklahoma City itself) and an art deco architecture hub. The architectural influences of Tulsa helped to curate the authentic seeming setting of the political and cultural story. It is also a place that contrasts some of the less popular tourist destinations in the state of Oklahoma. Tulsa was used for key scenes like the lawyer’s building and the courtroom. The Philtower Building and even a Federal building in Tulsa were used for interior and exterior scenes. The bustling (and more modern) areas of Tulsa were used to represent places in Fort Worth, but in general Tulsa was a filming location for special scenes that were supposed to be an exception to the rural backdrop of the narrative. Other places that movie fans may be interested in during their time in Tulsa include the Philbrook Museum of Art and Tulsa Zoo, since they are popular tourist attractions. 

Things to Do: The Golden Driller and Tulsa Historical Society & Museum relate to the storyline of the film and might even provide more context for viewers of the movie. 

Where to Eat: Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Amelia’s Wood Fired Cuisine are popular and artsy spots to grab a bite to eat in Tulsa. 

Where to Stay: The Hyatt Regency Tulsa Downtown hotel and Tulsa Club Hotel are some highly rated accommodations in the central areas of Tulsa. There is even a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa which is near the bustling nightlife.