In Tulsa, the entrepreneurial spirit that fueled Black Wall Street in the early 20th century has revived itself with a slew of successful black-owned businesses. Here are a few to check out.  

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Grab brunch on the go with Waffle That food truck. They are often located at Apache St. & MLK Blvd., but their Instagram account has the most up to date locations. Everything is made from scratch, including their syrup. Try their traditional chicken and waffles or one of their flavored waffles (Nutella, cookie butter, and cinnamon roll) topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

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Stop for lunch at Evelyn’s Soul Food. Wanda Armstrong, better known as Wanda J opened her restaurant in 2005, creating “food for your soul”. Sit down for a family-style meal that includes fried chicken and catfish, candied yams, fried okra, and many other southern favorites.

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Up next? A fresh blow out at Blow Out Hair Studio. This community-based salon specializes in black hair care, with professional stylists who are ready to make you look your best.


Elmer’s BBQ started as a very small restaurant with only five tables.  When news got around about the quality and the deliciousness of the food, they were able to expand their vision into a full-service restaurant. Now, a neighborhood staple, Elmer’s serves traditional southern BBQ at affordable prices. On the weekends, they close at 8 pm, so head there on the early side to make sure you save time for dessert.

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Finish up the day at Juicemaker Lounge with live music and entertainment. Juicemaker Lounge is a “Live Music Haven for Live Music Lovers” with a full calendar of events including open mic nights. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, stiff drinks, and packed dance floor playing every type of music.