Cancun, Mexico is located on the northeastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo. The coastal city is situated on the Caribbean Sea and is a popular tourist destination. Cancun is best known for its stunning beaches (like Playa Delfines), pristine waters and central areas that are filled with modern accommodations and entertainment. The city is actually known for its exciting nightlife, so it is a popular destination for partying (especially for college students on break). As the unofficial party capital of Mexico, Cancun has plenty to do on the central Kukulkan Boulevard.  

Travelers can also enjoy environmental and cultural stops during their time in Cancun. Snorkeling and viewing the MUSA underwater sculptures is an invigorating experience since participants can see an array of sea creatures. Snorkeling in this underwater museum is an immersive and unique opportunity. For cultural connoisseurs, the Temazcal ceremony is another way to connect with the community, history and land of Mexico. It is a Mayan tradition that is both a physical, emotional and spiritual journey. In a dark sweat lodge, participants are led by a shaman through the ancient purification process.

Cancun seemingly has it all. The vibrant city has so many different types of experiences for travelers. While Cancun is popular and attracts millions of visitors annually, it also is a city that travelers question the safety level of. Learn more about how safe Cancun is and important tips for potential visitors. 

So, Is Cancun a Safe Travel Destination?

Cancun is a safe travel destination that is not difficult to navigate. 
pictured: a pier of Cancun with clear waters and a cloudy sky

Cancun is a relatively safe location for travelers. Out of the 32 states of Mexico, Cancun is not among the most dangerous. Tourists commonly feel comfortable in Cancun and do not have to be concerned about being targeted. Although this is true, the Quintana Roo state does experience some criminal activity that has occurred in tourist areas in the past. So, given that the general consensus on Cancun tells travelers that it is safe, visitors should still exercise some caution.

Safety Advisory

Of course, travelers should do specific searches on their potential destination before traveling there. To best gauge the level of precautions and security of destinations, it is recommended that travelers seek information from official government or news platforms. The United States Department of State has a regularly updated travel advisory that goes into detail about the different districts and states of Mexico that are acceptable to travel to. 

When To Visit Cancun?

From December to April, travelers will experience ideal weather conditions since there are average temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees. Christmas, New Years and spring break bring in bigger crowds during this time. Since the party scene of Cancun is legendary the milder temperatures may mean that fewer people are visiting, in comparison to summer. Spring, between March and May, is a great time to see Cancun’s local wildlife bloom and maybe even catch some travel deals. 


Travel should not be an issue when visiting Cancun since it is easily accessible. The Cancun International Airport (CUN) is only about 25 minutes from central Cancun. Travelers can take the local ADO bus for cheap or go directly to their accommodations with rideshare or a taxi. The city is nearest to Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, which both have their own airports (around one or two hours from Cancun). 

Safest Areas To Stay In

There are both lavish and budget resorts for travelers to choose from and stay in during a trip to Cancun. Downtown Cancun (El Centro) is a popular place for travelers to stay since it is central and is quite affordable. Downtown has plenty of locals and city highlights and history that travelers should not miss. The Zona Hotelera (or hotel zone) is also another top area to stay in. This area is full of resorts, so this is technically a tourist-heavy part of the city. Both of these areas offer travelers safe and comfortable locations to stay in during their trip to Cancun.