All over the country, indie artists are grinding hard each day trying to make their dreams become reality. They hail from all corners of the country in all genres, making music that feeds souls and resonates in the hearts of listeners. While some of working hard towards deals and endorsements, others are sticking with the independent route and getting it out of the mud. No matter which path they choose, they are focused on making it to the top. 

Throughout their career, most indie artists have to do a lot of traveling. From rubbing elbows with big wigs in the game to touring and promoting their newest content, travel is a big part of being a musician. A few indie artists sat down with Travel Noire to chat about which destinations have helped shape their careers.

Feel The Love In Providence 

recording artist Pretti Phyne
Photo credit: Pretti Phyne

When independent artist Pretti Phyne, first visited Providence, Rhode Island four years ago, her career was just starting. It was her first time in the city and the support she received at her show was immense. Initially, she was still determining how the crowd would receive her. However, Providence showed her nothing but love. 

“They received me, they poured into me, and they allowed me to take over the space we were in,” she said. 

Born in Atlanta but raised in Charlotte, Pretti Phyne wasn’t prepared for the intense cold weather in Rhode Island. However, the cold didn’t stop her from making her mark and shining in Providence. Pretti Phyne says the love she felt in Providence will forever make it one of the most influential destinations in her career. 

“I still have those supporters following me til this day and this was about four years ago,” she said. “So I really respect Providence, Rhode Island.”

Everything’s Bigger In Texas

recording studio
Photo credit: Pixabay

Originally from Mississippi, independent recording artist and record label owner NNGE Kash got his start in the nightlife industry booking some of the biggest entertainers in the game at his clubs. Eventually, he realized he had a gift for creating music himself and began manifesting success for himself and other artists. Throughout his career journey so far, Dallas has been a major destination propelling him forward. 

“Dallas has kept me well,” he said. “The DJs in Dallas, the strip clubs, they always spin me. When people will spin you without you paying them, those are important things to me.” 

NNGE Kash currently resides in Dallas and constantly making new connections throughout the city. It’s easy for him to pick up the phone and make moves with his music without any issues. The artist has been living in Dallas since 2018.

Forever, I Love Atlanta

Recording artist Nia Amber posing on bike
Photo credit: Nia Amber

Nia Amber had always been around music. Her mother was a singer and the pair would sing together around their home in Miami. As an adult, the young songstress says Atlanta has been the most pivotal destination in her career. 

“I was able to make a lot more connections there,” she said. “Not that I don’t have a home team here, but I was just able to really expand when I went to Atlanta.”

The singer recently visited Atlanta last year and was able to connect with amazing artists and producers. These people not only inspired her but also could help propel her career in new directions. Getting out of her hometown and meeting new people has aided in shaping the creative energy she needs. Even after touring with super artists Trina on her Legends of The Streets tour, Nia Amber says Atlanta still tops her list. 

“It was just a different vibe from Miami,” she said.

Finding Inspiration Overseas

Michael Foster
Photo credit: Michael Foster

A recording artist and independent filmmaker, Michael Foster’s career as a creative has been mostly influenced by his adventures as an international traveler. With over 30 years of working independently in entertainment, Foster’s experiences in places like France, Brazil, and Colombia inspired his style despite being originally from Baltimore. 

International travel helps Foster paint real pictures of the places he’s visited in his music and films. Instead of creating solely within the US, Foster has spread his wings, making the world his creative studio. He encourages other artists to get outside of their comfort zones and create more in the open world. 

“When you start to sit with different cultures, and understand different cultures, and understand different people, it just changes everything,” Foster said. “As an artist, that’s one of the biggest benefits I’ve had over the last 10 years of my life is traveling all over the world.”