#IAMENOUGH: A Platform Empowering Afro-Latina Women Around The World
Photo Credit: #IAMENOUGH

Photo Credit: #IAMENOUGH

#IAMENOUGH: A Platform Empowering Afro-Latina Women Around The World

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Dec 30, 2021

#IAMENOUGH is a digital storytelling platform, dedicated to amplifying the narratives and voices of Afro-Latina women globally. Founded by Jenay Wright, the platform sets out to cultivate “self-assurance, pride and confidence” in the community. 

Empowering Afro-Latinas to “express themselves and love the skin they are in” is the driving force for the platform. From the moment you land on the page, you’re aware that this particular part of the internet exists to celebrate blackness in all of its Afro-Latina forms. “There will be no slander, slurs or hate” is found on the website, a reassurance that creates a true safe space for a faction of society that is constantly fighting erasure and anti-Black hatred. 

Jenay Wright, an Afro-Panamanian writer, created #IAMENOUGH to encourage more unity and sisterhood amongst women everywhere. When exploring her initial motivation she writes that “I wanted to tell my story about my identity. However, there weren’t many places to tell it. I did not want anyone else who looks like me or can relate to my story to have to struggle either.”

Stories found on the website are from Afro-Latina contributors keen to reconstruct the narrative around what it means to be Black and Latina. Stories range from empowering personal stories, social justice activism, health and wellness and examples of Latina-owned businesses and communities globally. 

A few examples of community stories that can be enjoyed on the website include Meet Nicole Rivera Harter: An Afro-Boricua Normalizing Beekeeping in the Black Community, Gordita Si, Fea No – On Being a Plus Size Afro-Latina and Reclaiming My Afro-Mexican Identity.

Sharing community successes, uplifting affirmations and empowering representations of Black Latina women, the Instagram is also a hub for shared experiences to further the conversation about Afro-Latina representation. 

Showcasing the diversity of Afro-Latina women is also at the heart of the digital platform. While mainstream media intentionally erases the presence of Afro-Latinos in general, the #IAMENOUGH does work to dismantle that narrative by giving voice to Afro-Latinas worldwide. The platform is a loud call for change, welcoming and carefully curating a safe space for Afro-Latina women to digitally gather in their identity.

To learn more, you can visit the website here.

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