What is there not to love about New Orleans? Three words: Black-owned brunch.

The weather is good for the most part, the food is always 10/10, and the music scene is unmatched (sorry Nashville.) What do we love even more? New Orleans wouldn’t be what it is today without our people, so, why not spend our dollars on where the trends start?

Looking to take your NOLA experience up a notch? Here’s your guide to New Orleans Black-owned brunches and nightlife venues.

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1. New Orleans Art Bar


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The one place that embodies all that makes this city so magical, including the art, music, and melanin, is the New Orleans Art Bar. 

Located in the city’s Marigny neighborhood,  the New Orleans Art Bar is a bar & lounge that lets you sip in creativity and live music.

2. Ciao Tapas Bar & Lounge


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Ciao Tapas Bar & Lounge is newer on the scene, but already shaping up to be one of the best spots in town for day parties and brunch.

What we especially love about Ciao is the love across the diaspora and different themes. They switch it up, but one thing that remains the same? The vibes.

3. Morrow's


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Don’t you hate when people overhype something, you make an effort to go, and it’s mediocre at best?

Well, thankfully, Murrow’s isn’t that place!

It was created by the mother-son duo, Chef Lenora Chong, and event curator Larry Morrow, in 2018 and is loved by locals and tourists alike.

It’s a fusion of flavors, serving native New Orleans cuisine as well as authentic Korean dishes.

The only piece of advice that we can give you is to pace yourself because yes, it’s really that good.

4. Culture Park


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Can you even call it a party if no one breaks out into the occasional line dance? Let’s save that debate for another story.

Anyway, Culture Park is a great time for a day party with hookah, food on occasion, and drinks. Dress cute because it’s an Instagrammable spot and great for pictures.

5. Tree House


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Let’s say you’re not ready to go home after a good day party and want to hang out a little later because you think you’re grown?  Then you’re in luck because tree House is where to continue the party.

The atmosphere is both fun and intimate!

6. Whiskey & Sticks


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With a name like Whiskey & Sticks, then you probably know what this experience is all about: spirits and cigars.

Whiskey & Sticks offers premium liquor and one heck of a selection of cigars.

7. Compère Lapin


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Looking for brunch? Compère Lapin is located in the heart of the Warehouse Arts District. Created by Chef Nina Compton, the restaurant consistently ranks as one of the best in New Orleans.

Chef Compton was born and raised in St. Lucia and London, and combines her Caribbean roots and fine dining background into this restaurant.

8. Vyoone's


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Chef Vyoone Segue Lewis is serving the Sunday Brunch vibe with a side of French flair at Vyoone’s.

Brunch here is on the savory side where you will find Ahi Tuna Tatarare, Crab Cake Benedict, and Omelettes.

French toast is also on the menu if you’re looking for something sweet.