From its iconic hot chicken to its unique variety of barbecue, Nashville is the perfect destination for foodies. As Music City has evolved over the years, new and innovative Black restaurateurs have emerged, reshaping the city’s culinary landscape. Here are 10 Black-owned restaurants in Nashville ready to satisfy your cravings with a touch of extra spice.


For the last 62 years, Swett’s Restaurant has been owned by the same family. It’s an integral part of Nashville’s culinary canvas, and the current owner, David Swett, aims to continue the tradition established by his parents. Travelers will find country-fried steak, grilled pork chops, the best fried fish in the city, barbecue chicken, and more.

  • Location: North Nashville
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Meat & Three
  • Before You Go: You’ll also find a Swett’s location in the Nashville International Airport for comfort food while you wait to take off.

Prince’s Hot Chicken

Much can be said about Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville. They go back and forth with Hattie B’s, but many locals vouch that Prince’s is the originator of the flavorful, spicy chicken the nation has grown to love. Rumor has it that the recipe was born when the founder was caught cheating and his wife cooked him up the spiciest chicken as revenge. Ironically, he loved the chicken, and now the world does, too.

  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Type of Cuisine: Fried Chicken
  • Menu Spotlight: Nashville Hot Chicken
  • Before You Go: You’ll find Prince’s all over the Nashville area. However, the locals attest that the older locations have the best food.

The Southern V

For delicious vegan food in Nashville, head over to The Southern V. The restaurant is family-owned and operated, with the wife, Tiffany, being the special ingredient to the brand’s success. The family hopes the food at The Southern V teleports guests back to their fondest memories of home and comfort.

  • Location: Buchanan Arts District
  • Type of Cuisine: Comfort Food
  • Menu Spotlight: BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich
  • Before You Go: The Southern V has breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for vegan travelers in Nashville.

Shugga Hi Bakery and Café

Sisters Kathy and Sandra’s love of food began with their mother, who prepared homemade dinners and desserts for their family. Inheriting their mother’s recipes and adding their own twist, Sandra and Kathy decided to build a family legacy, creating an opportunity for all of Nashville to experience the flavors they were blessed to enjoy as children.

  • Location: Cleveland Park
  • Type of Cuisine: Bakery & Comfort Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Chicken & Waffles
  • Before You Go: The owners at Shugga Hi say the key ingredient in all of their recipes is love.

Slim & Husky’s

Slim & Husky’s is a super fun and welcoming pizza parlor chain based in Nashville. The restaurant was founded by three friends who met in college. Many years of friendship and hard work culminated in a successful pizza chain with creative menu items named after your favorite classic hip-hop records. Slim & Husky’s is a must-try on any trip to Nashville.

  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Type of Cuisine: Pizza
  • Menu Spotlight: Got 5 On It
  • Before You Go: Word on the street is that the Slim & Husky’s brand is expanding outside of Tennessee. Keep your eyes peeled to see where the Black-owned restaurant might pop up next.

Bag Lady’s Fry Joint

Described on their website as the definition of turning “no” into “now,” Bag Lady’s Fry Joint almost didn’t make it. It was started by two brothers whose dreams of opening a brick-and-mortar location were shattered when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. With a quick pivot, the pair launched a food truck. Now, they’ve returned to their original vision with a dine-in location and an abundance of loaded fries to please your taste buds.

  • Location: Nashville
  • Type of Cuisine: Loaded Fries
  • Menu Spotlight: It’s A Tennessee Thang
  • Before You Go: The name “Bag Lady” is an ode to the brothers’ grandmothers who cooked hot, fresh crinkle fries for them as kids and served them in brown paper bags.

Butter, Eggs & Bakin

Butter, Eggs & Bakin is a super unique eatery with a vibe of its own. It’s hard to narrow this restaurant down to one cuisine. Instead, it’s a melting pot of culture and flavor, drawing from the cultural influence of its community. This restaurant is authentic and traditional, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that keeps people returning again and again.

  • Location: Chestnut Hill
  • Type of Cuisine: Comfort Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Pozole
  • Before You Go: This restaurant looks like a little cottage on the outside, like something from a Lord of the Rings film. It’s perfect for grabbing food and a quick photo-op for all of the traveling hobbits out there.

Gram’s Coffee

The Gram’s Coffee brand was created in 2017 by entrepreneur Edward Gray. He wanted to create a space where conversation and connection could flow freely. Now, the coffee shop is a catalyst for thought and community where drinks are served and ideas are brought to life.

  • Location: Madison
  • Type of Cuisine: Coffee Shop
  • Menu Spotlight: Dirty Turmeric Chai Latte
  • Before You Go: Beyond coffee, Gram’s offers a plethora of excellent teas for visitors to choose from.

Radical Rabbit

The brainchild of a Nashville mom and vegan foodie, the Radical Rabbit is changing how guests view vegan cuisine. They serve your favorite hot and fresh Nashville favorites with a plant-based edge. The restaurant prides itself on being “progressive, natural, and revolutionary” in the changing culinary landscape.

  • Location: Lockeland Springs
  • Type of Cuisine: Vegan Soul Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Vegan Sloppy Joe
  • Before You Go: The Radical Rabbit is available for takeout only.

White’s Fish & BBQ

White’s Fish & BBQ has been open for over 20 years. It’s one of Nashville’s oldest restaurants, and they keep the fish and barbecue hot and ready. Everything is seasoned with love, and the batter is so crispy you’ll think someone’s granny is in the kitchen. You can taste the decades of dedication and culinary diligence in every bite at White’s. That may explain why it’s been in business serving Nashville for such a long time.

fried fish
Photo credit: Lukas/Pexels
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Type of Cuisine: Comfort Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Catfish Dinner Plate
  • Before You Go: White’s Fish & BBQ is a cash-only establishment, so have your dollars ready when you grab your fish plate.

Nashville is growing as a hotspot for tourism every year. With more tourists heading to Music City, knowing where to grab delicious, filling, and soul-warming food is essential. Check out these Black-owned restaurants the next time you’re grooving to the rhythm in Nashville.