The Guggenheim Museum in New York increased its admission price to $30. The $5 increase makes it one of the most expensive museums in the country. The decision to raise admission prices was driven by several factors. Some include the museum’s need to address a decline in visitor numbers and the rising operational expenditures. This can be attributed to the lingering financial strain caused by the pandemic.

“As we recover from the impact of the pandemic, it becomes essential for the museum to adjust its admission prices, which have remained unchanged since 2015,” Sara Fox, the head of communications and public relations, told the New York Times. “The new rates align with those of other museums in New York City and will contribute to supporting our operational costs.”

The Guggenheim Museum witnessed a decline in visitor numbers since 2019, further highlighting the need for this measure. Comparing the museum’s current entry fee with past, it’s evident how different factors influenced the price shift over the years.

Guggenheim Museum is not the only one to raise admission fee

The Guggenheim’s decision to raise its admission fee reflects a broader trend among museums across the country. In July 2022, the Metropolitan Museum of Art also increased its rates by $5. The MET continues to offer a pay-what-you-wish option for New York residents and students from the tri-states. The Guggenheim maintains a pay-what-you-wish option, but it is more limited.

Other prominent museums have followed suit in raising their entrance fees as they navigate post-pandemic recovery. For example, the Philadelphia Museum of Art now charges $30 for entry, while the Art Institute of Chicago requires $32 for out-of-state visitors.