Mayor Eric Adams Introduces Restaurant Week in NYC
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Rafael Peña

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Rafael Peña

Mayor Eric Adams Introduces Restaurant Week in NYC

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jul 26, 2023

New York City Restaurant Week is back. Mayor Eric Adams, along with NYC Tourism, kicked off the highly anticipated event with a mouthwatering celebration at the heart of Brooklyn: Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue. This delectable event is set to tantalize palates across the city.

After enduring lockdown woes and empty tables, the city’s dining scene is roaring back to life. Mayor Adams was thrilled to remind everyone that NYC’s culinary spirit is alive, thriving and ready to welcome hungry diners.

Participating Places

This thrilling celebration allows both locals and visitors to indulge in prix-fixe menus at some of the city’s most acclaimed eateries. The lineup of participating restaurants offers a vast array of culinary delights to satisfy every whim and craving.

For the next two weeks, diners can relish specially curated menus at unbeatable prices. From cozy neighborhood gems to Michelin-starred wonders, this is every food lover’s dream come true. New Yorkers can reunite with their favorite eateries, delighting in the exquisite dishes they’ve sorely missed during the challenging times.

NYC Restaurant Week

Photo credit: NYC Tourism

Mark your calendars and prepare your taste buds for a culinary extravaganza. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie searching for the ultimate dining experience or simply someone who appreciates good food, this event is your golden ticket to explore the diverse and exquisite flavors that define the essence of New York City.

From July 24 through Aug. 20, the city’s top-notch restaurants await your presence. It’s time to eat, indulge and embrace the gastronomic splendor that defines the heart and soul of this city. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an unparalleled culinary experience, one that will leave you with memories to savor long after the plates are cleared.

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