The Hilton New York Times Square has launched Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite, a collaboration with the hit Broadway musical, Aladdin the Musical, providing guests with an experience immersed in the world of Agrabah in New York. The suite is for families seeking a memorable Broadway adventure with an authentic touch of the show’s magic.

Just steps away from the New Amsterdam Theatre, where Aladdin the Musical is currently captivating audiences, Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite mirrors the enchantment of the production. General Manager Thomas Caska expressed excitement, noting, “Our Times Square location is perfect for travelers and families exploring New York City for Broadway.”

The room’s design is curated by dressing room designer Devin Sparkles Design. Show prints, costume designs, and set layouts transport guests to Agrabah creating an extraordinary experience. Moroccan wall sconces and magic carpet-inspired Moroccan rugs adorn the studio corner suite. Silks reminiscent of Princess Jasmine add to bringing Aladdin’s mystical world to life. The suite’s bathroom is a Cave of Wonders, accented with vases and gems on a gold-framed mirror, enhancing the magical ambiance.

Aladdin-Themed Perks During Your Stay

Guests can also enjoy delightful amenities and experiences including two Genie-tini cocktails, two Magic Mocktails, and a special wake-up call from the Broadway musical’s talented Genie, Michael James Scott. Children can entertain themselves with Aladdin-themed coloring materials, while up to four guests enjoy a daily breakfast.

According to Hilton, the Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite package includes up to four Premium Orchestra tickets for Aladdin the Musical on Broadway, along with exclusive swag as a cherished memento. Reservations for the suite and show tickets are required at least 72 hours in advance, with packages starting at $599 per night, subject to terms and conditions.

Beyond the suite experience, the Hilton New York Times Square extends the magic for everyone. Its themed Genie-tini cocktails, Magic Mocktails, and coloring activities are available to patrons in the Pinnacle Bar & Lounge.