Two Delta Airlines flight attendants were arrested at the Miami Airport for drug smuggling. Marcelo Chaves and Ronald Maldonado are New York residents that are facing drug charges in South Florida court.

Returning From Brazil

In a statement from Customs and Border Protection given to a local news channel, the agent said, “CBP officers at Miami airport arrested (2) US citizens after they arrived on a flight from Brazil for possession and transportation of narcotics. State Attorney’s office accepted prosecution and both subjects were turned over to Dade PD at MIA Airport. This incident remains under investigation.” – Robert Brisley

Felony Drug Trafficking

Robyn Beck

During a random check by a CBP officer, it was discovered the flight attendants were carrying more than just travel clothes. Inside their luggage agents found multiple substances. Including ketamine, methamphetamine, and GBL, a GHB substitute.

The substances were found in two glass bottles within their luggage. There were more than enough drugs found in their possession for the flight attendants to face felony drug trafficking charges. Both the flight attendants claim they were doing drugs in Brazil, however, they claim they don’t know how the drugs ended up in their bags.

In a statement, Delta Air Lines said, “Delta continually cooperates with law enforcement entities and the two off-duty flight attendants in question have been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.”