GoldenEye in Jamaica, the former residence of British author Ian Fleming, is now offering an exclusive James Bond holiday package, giving fans a chance to immerse themselves in the world of the iconic spy. According to Robb Report, this four-day trip promises an unforgettable experience, including a guided snorkeling expedition, a tour of the famous Fleming villa, and the opportunity to stroll through the sunken garden where Fleming entertained his illustrious guests.

For enthusiasts of the secret agent, the guided snorkeling expedition offers a thrilling opportunity to swim among vibrant coral reefs, reminiscent of the breathtaking underwater scenes often portrayed in Bond films. Exploring the marine wonders, guests can feel a connection to the character’s adventurous spirit.

The tour of the Fleming villa provides an intimate glimpse into the life of Ian Fleming himself. Preserved within its walls are his original desk and typewriter, which served as the birthplace for the creation of all 14 James Bond novels. Walking through the villa, visitors can almost sense the creative energy that inspired Fleming’s literary masterpieces.

Photo Credit: GoldenEye

A Bottle of Bollinger Champagne

After a long day of exploration, guests can retreat to the comfort of their one-bedroom Lagoon Cottage. The cottages also offer an outdoor garden shower and a private veranda. This allows visitors to fully indulge in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

To enhance the Bond experience, the package includes a bottle of Bollinger Champagne. It is a nod to the classic line “shaken, not stirred.” Guests have the opportunity to take home a special 007 Collector’s Edition of Blackwell Ru. Chris Blackwell, the previous music producer, transformed Fleming’s hideout into the resort it is today.

This exclusive package starts at $3,700 for four nights and is available until Oct. 31. Fans have a limited-time chance to live out their Bond fantasies where the iconic character was born. Guests can truly immerse themselves in the legacy of James Bond during this ultimate Ian Fleming Experience.