Located in southwest Africa, Namibia is a beautiful country with thriving wildlife and iconic nature scenes. The country may be an underrated African gem. Other destinations like Nigeria, Ghana, or South Africa are typically the highlights of African vacation excursions. However, Namibia has much to offer, especially for the outdoor-loving traveler. 

Namibia has a subtle charm that comes from its diverse terrain. While many people expect all of Africa to look like a lush jungle, Namibia is home to a desert landscape unlike any other. Next time you’re booking a flight to Africa, consider discovering the beauty of nature in Namibia.

Luxury At The Sesriem Desert Camp 

Photo credit: Simon J

Travelers can get a luxury taste of Namibia’s vast desert at the Sesriem Desert Camp. This self-catering resort has everything you need to dive into the country’s incredible wildlife and scenery. The rooms are equipped with nearly everything travelers would find in a traditional hotel room smack dab in the middle of the Namib desert. The resort offers a plethora of activities and excursions all aimed towards providing travelers with the best views of the desert. From scenic flights on private planes and hot air balloon rides to guided nature walks, the Sesriem Desert Camp is the Namibian experience for those seeking luxury and adventure. 

Experience The Foggy Dunes

Namibia is home to the only coastal desert in the world. It’s the Namib Sand Sea and travelers find an abundance of dunes here. Due to its closeness to the water, the area is often hit with heavy fog. This meteorological wonder is incredible to see. However, the foggy dunes can be dangerous. Many locals call it the “Fog Belt” and advise visitors to check out the foggy dunes on a guided walking tour. 

Check Out The Seals At Cape Cross

Photo credit: Mikhail Nilov

The colony of Cape fur seals at Cape Cross in Namibia is regarded as the largest settlement of the creatures in the world. Today, travelers can visit Cape Cross to see the seals in their natural habitat. A wall keeps the creatures separate from visitors. However, they’re always on full display to onlookers. There’s plenty more to see and do in Cape Cross aside from seal watching. Travelers can also visit the Messum Volcanic Crater, the Valley of the Welwitschia, and explore the shipwrecks near the Namibian coast. 

Surround Yourself With Nature At Ovita Wildlife

Another gem in Namibia, Ovita Wildlife is a real treat for the animal-loving traveler. The preserve is the first pure Game Farm in Namibia. It opened in 1980 and scientists have been able to repopulate many endangered species. In addition to impalas, oryxs and springboks, visitors can also see rare animals like lechwes, nyalas, sables, waterbucks, and roans. Travelers can also enjoy bow and arrow shooting, rock climbing, and guided tours. 

Explore Fish Water Canyon 

Photo credit: Dorota Semla

Fish Water Canyon is an amazing nature wonder in the heart of Namibia. It’s the second largest canyon in the world, next to the Grand Canyon in the States, and there are plenty of lodges nearby for travelers. Hiking the canyon can take days so it’s important to give yourself the time to truly enjoy the spectacular views. While some folks spend days exploring the canyon, there are shorter, guided hikes to check out as well. There’s a ton of wildlife throughout the canyon including leopards, antelopes and even baboons. Fish Water Canyon is unlike any other place in Namibia and definitely worth checking out before heading home.