Mexico City is a destination that ignites all five senses. The city sparks exploration through its vibrant streets, exquisite gastronomy, and the genuine warmth of local culture. While attractions like the hot air balloons and pyramids initially draw visitors, the city’s picturesque streets and architecture conceal a hidden world of captivating art and design.

During a recent visit, the canvas of Mexico City came alive for me at Colima 71. Colima 71 is a culturally forward boutique hotel in the Roma Norte neighborhood on Colima Street. This unique establishment seamlessly integrates local artistry into its design. The hotel is a haven for community, creating an immersive experience for guests.

“This is a very special project for Mexico City, particularly Colonia Roma Norte. At Colima 71, we aim to take our guests on an immersive journey through the neighborhood’s unique culture and lifestyle that begins as soon as they set foot in our hotel,” said Ana Ongay, the managing director of Colima 71 Art Community Hotel.

Photo credit: Colima 71

The Design

Immerse yourself in the architectural masterpiece of Colima 71. Here, contemporary design merges sharp lines and robust materials like metal and stone with the natural elegance of Mexico City.

Picture private balconies that offer views of a stunning interior courtyard and a lounge, creating an exclusive, moody atmosphere. Simultaneously, high windows welcome the gentle caress of natural light throughout the day. This boutique hotel provides an intimate, cozy home feeling with 16 rooms featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. The design philosophy at Colima 71 is meticulous; everything in the rooms serves a purpose and has a story. Authentic dinnerware is crafted from black clay sourced from Oaxaca. Luxury bathrobes are fashioned from the finest Portuguese cotton. Intricate handmade shower tiles lend an air of sophistication and charm, making guests feel like they’re in an intimate spa. 

The Location

Colima 71, nestled in Roma Norte, epitomizes the essence of a boutique hotel experience. This cultural hub, known for its vibrant atmosphere and artistic spirit, provides an ideal backdrop for Colima 71’s fusion of contemporary design and local artistry. Surrounded by picturesque streets, the hotel seamlessly integrates into the community. This hotel offers guests an immersive journey through Mexico City’s cultural richness.

Its prime location positions Colima 71 as a gateway to the city’s hotspots, ensuring a perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility for those seeking a culturally enriched stay. The hotel is only steps away from galleries, shops, cafes, and restaurants, providing guests with convenient access to culture and cuisine.

The Community

Colima 71 distinguishes itself through a thriving artist community, transforming the hotel stay into a familial experience rather than a typical accommodation. Rooted in the pulse of local artisans, the hotel showcases the works of Sofía Taboas, Iñaki Bonilla, and Darío Escobar.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a complimentary breakfast and an honesty bar in the lounge. Beyond lodging, the hotel offers an ideal coworking space, fostering an intimate ambiance. By embracing the spirit of collaboration and creative exchange, Colima 71 stands as a unique haven where guests seamlessly integrate into a vibrant community of artists and fellow travelers. This integration enhances the overall experience, making a stay at Colima 71 more than just accommodation but an immersion into the heart of Mexico City’s artistic and cultural tapestry.