May is a great time to travel to countless places. Especially if travelers want to appreciate the spring blooming season and peaking summer sun. The weather during May is typically warm but not sweltering. Since shoulder season commonly falls during the spring, May is one of the most ideal times to travel. This means that travelers can miss the crowds too.

Having plenty of space to explore the best features of a destination sounds like a great way to start celebrating springtime. However, it’s also a great time to save, especially after tax season. Here are a few of the cheapest places to visit in May where travelers can enjoy a trip while also not breaking the bank. 

Belize City, Belize

ruins in Belize on a sunny day
Photo credit: Stephanie Klepacki

Belize City is a popular area for tourists to explore during their time since it is home to the country’s only international airport. It is centrally located, so travelers will save money by staying close to the city. There are also historic sites like Altun Ha and Xunantunich, which are very popular with tourists. The Belize Zoo, Great Blue Hole, and Caye Caulker are also popular spots to explore. 

The Chocolate Festival of Belize occurs in May. During the first or second week of the month, travelers can enjoy the sweet local tastings of cacao. The most exciting parts of the festival include the elegant chocolate gala and chocolate cruiser. The cruiser is a party bus that has several stops that explore cacao farming and many chocolate tastings throughout the ride. Travelers can enjoy the cruiser ride and gala for around $35 (per person, each event) but there are other free events to enjoy. 

In May, there is also better weather. The month of May marks the end of the dry season. Travelers can enjoy the warm Belizean sun without the heavy rains that sometimes accompany it. Visiting during May also means that travelers do not have to withstand the heat and humidity that usually hit the region around June and July. Temperatures in May are usually around 80 degrees. 

Affordability in Belize

Between November and mid-May is the best time to visit Belize for many reasons, including prices. This period is when travelers will notice lower prices for accommodations. This month also has fewer crowds since it is technically the shoulder season. Belize also has many affordable accommodations. The average price for tourism accommodations in Belize ranges from $20 – $100 per night, depending on the area and type. From street food to restaurants, travelers can expect to spend between $1 to $30 for a meal. Belize’s low prices make it clear why it is one of the cheapest places to visit in May.

Barcelona, Spain

Learn more about how Barcelona is one of the cheapest places to visit in May. pictured: a view of Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain on a bright clear day
Photo credit: Dorian Dussartd

Barcelona, Spain is popular for its unique architecture and culturally significant buildings. Since Barcelona is a very walkable city travelers can easily explore the most popular sites. La Sagrada Familia, Barri Gòtic, Casa Batlló, and Park Güell are just a few of the top-rated attractions in Barcelona.   

Between March and May are the best times to sightsee in Barcelona. Travelers will experience much more manageable weather so they can walk around comfortably. Temperatures are usually in the low 70s during May, so the sticky heat of summer can be avoided. The short spring season is also less crowded in general. For travelers wanting to avoid the summer tourist rush, May is a great time to visit. 

Affordability in Barcelona

Travelers who want to save money during their May Barcelona trip should book accommodations early. There are some spring events, like the Primavera Sound Music Festival that may increase prices. But generally, during May, accommodations in Barcelona are cheaper. This is especially true in comparison to summer prices. Travelers can expect central accommodation options to cost them around $50 – $80 a night. 

Sayulita, Mexico

Warm orange sunset on a beautiful beach in Mexico
Photo credit: Philippe Gauthier

Sayulita, Mexico is a destination that is best known for its beautiful beaches. The area experiences gentle water conditions, so travelers are welcome to swim and surf. Travelers who prefer a small-town feel will flourish in Sayulita. Locals are welcoming and charming, so visitors will get to know the culture of the town. Some of the most popular things to do in Sayulita are kayaking, snorkeling, boat tours, and enjoying local cuisine. The town is certainly a nice place where travelers can relax.

Sayulita, Mexico is technically a hidden gem since it is an underrated fishing town. Travelers who want to avoid crowds are in luck since May is not the high season there. The high season in Sayulita is between November and March, so the crowds generally are nonexistent by May. Since Sayulita has a subtropical climate, it only has two seasons. May is technically in the winter, which usually means dry and warm weather. Temperatures usually are between the 70s and 80s. Visitors traveling to this area of Mexico in May will also enjoy not having to deal with the humidity.  

Affordability in Mexico

The busy season in Mexico is generally between November and April, so travelers who visit outside of that are likely to experience lower prices. There is also plenty to do in Sayulita on a budget, so travelers will not be bored even if they do not want to spend a lot. Four-star hotels in Sayulita will cost travelers around $30 – $100 a night, depending on their preferences. Many local restaurants have delicious cheap eats too, so travelers can thoroughly enjoy themselves without their pockets hurting. Mexico is one of the cheapest places to visit in May, especially if travelers are selective.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida beach
Photo credit: Estera Nicoi

Fort Lauderdale is popular for its beachfront bars and water activities, with plenty to do there on a budget. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Boulevard, Historic Fort Lauderdale, and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park are some of the most popular things to see. Travelers can also take riverboat tours, enjoy kayaking adventures, or simply enjoy the toasty sun to stay within budget. 

The best time to visit Fort Lauderdale is between May and August. This is due to the better weather. Temperatures are typically between 70 and 80 degrees in May. There is a moderate amount of rain during that month. However, in comparison to the peak summer time, the rainfall is nothing to worry about. Travelers wanting to avoid crowds should go to Fort Lauderdale in either late April or early May. 

Affordability in Fort Lauderlade

The cheapest time to go to Fort Lauderdale is during the shoulder season, which is between late spring and early summer. This means that May and the beginning of June will see the most affordable prices. May is generally the cheapest time to fly to Florida, so travelers will benefit from that. Hotels right on the beach will cost travelers around $50 – $100 per night. There are also plenty of affordable restaurants in the area since it is a popular tourist destination.