Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa have made good on promises to take a bigger group to Ghana this July.

The recording artists took at least nine teens from their hometown of Chicago to explore the country where they both have roots.

“A year ago, we had the idea to take a group of kids from Chicago to Ghana,” Mensa stated in a captioned photo in front of Black Star Square on Instagram.

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He adds, “There are some things about yourself that you can only understand by knowing where you come from. Our dream is to build bridges that cross the ocean of divide created by the transatlantic slave trade.”

And the teens had quite an adventure full of fun, music, local food, education, art, and more.

Falling In Love With Ghana

During his first trip to Ghana in 2022, Chance The Rapper fell in love with Ghana so much that he promised to take a bigger group along with Mensa, as we previously reported.

While there, the artists met with Ghana’s President Akufo-Addo to discuss how they could help bridge the gap between American and Ghanaian artists.

The duo plans to bridge this gap by having their own music festival.

Ghana Web reports both Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa are expected to headline what they dubbed the “Black Star Line” festival in January 2023.

“The concert would look at building a bridge between Black people on the continent, those in the diaspora, and the people of the glove as well as some of the biggest acts in the world,” says Mensa.

So, what are your thoughts? Would you go to their music festival?