New measures to protect tourists and deter criminal activity were announced in Cancun, weeks before the summer season, according to local news outlets in May. In addition to local police and the National Guard, Secretariat of Citizen Security agents are now patrolling El Niño and Punta Sam beaches, two of the nation’s most well-known beaches.

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean were the most popular places for American tourists to visit in Mexico last summer. Last year, more than three million U.S. tourists went on vacation to Cancun, especially during the summer. This was a record year for tourism in the area.

These agents are also keeping an eye on the bustling shopping districts along the coast and the nearby Supermanzana 89 neighborhood. The North Zone K-9 Unit is available to assist the Secretariat of Citizen Security whenever needed, as the Riviera Maya relies heavily on K-9s to maintain peace and prevent crime. With their keen sense of smell, K-9s are excellent at detecting contraband.

US Travel Advisory

These steps align with those outlined for Quintana Roo in the New Model of Citizen Security. The idea behind the New Model of Citizen Security is to provide constant surveillance in places frequented by tourists and locals alike, as part of a long line of efforts to make the Riviera Maya a safer place for tourists and reduce crime.

As Travel Noire reported in April, recent episodes of violence in Mexico’s tourist spots have prompted the U.S. State Department to caution its citizens about traveling to the popular Mexican resort town during Spring Break.

The official document urges travelers to be vigilant at all times, avoid areas where illegal activities take place, and leave potentially dangerous situations. It highlights the importance of being aware of surroundings and not flashing wealth or valuables, using authorized taxis or transportation, avoiding traveling alone or at night, and registering travel plans with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) in case of an emergency.