Tourists should be careful the next time they’re moving around Cancun with the popular rideshare app, Uber. Amid a war between the taxi union and Uber drivers, hackers have been cloning Uber accounts for financial gain.

Hacking Into Whatsapp

Hackers are taking over the Whatsapp accounts of Uber drivers and connecting to the Uber database. Once they acquire a driver’s dashboard, they’re able to charge for services through the app. Then if a customer isn’t careful, they could get driven in an unknown vehicle that has not been approved by Uber.

No Solutions For Now

Unfortunately, a solution hasn’t been implemented as of yet to solve this problem. Tourists and users of the platform are being warned to stay away from “fake Uber” drivers. Customers that realize they may be taking a fake Uber should cancel the ride and contact the authorities immediately. Another red flag is if the Uber driver is requesting personal information to confirm your identity, actual Uber platforms already provide that information and you should be suspicious of any questioning from a driver.

Ways To Stay Safe

Aerial of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Fake Uber warning comes from the President of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, Eduardo Paniagua. He stated that anyone using the Uber platform could be in danger, “we are in danger on the issue of personal safety, because we do not know who or who are the people who can go to present this alleged Uber service and endanger your life and that of your loved ones.” 

It’s understood that the best way to get around tourist areas like Cancun is through taxis and ride-share apps. Unfortunately, until this issue is resolved it’s recommended for visitors hire private drivers or book their transportation in advance with reputable companies. Many hotels have shuttle services to and from the Airport, as well as some Airbnb hosts who can provide you with those services as well. Right now, Uber’s not allowed to be used at the airport, however, once you’re in the city you can order to go from place to place.