Idaho does not come to mind when you think of a bright-blue water wonderland. However, the state has long concealed one such site, which is only accessible by boat. Blue Heart Springs in Idaho is easily one of the most visually magnificent natural springs in the United States. Yet, it remains a mystery to most due to its difficult-to-reach, water-bound location, and excellent temperature (this is not a hot spring).

Blue Heart Springs is in southern Idaho on the Snake River, west of Twin Falls. Travelers must paddle up the Snake River near the tiny village of Buhl, Idaho, to get there. Along the journey, you will encounter the Box Canyon confluence, where the icy, blue Box Canyon water visibly combines with the Snake River water. The popular launch sites are around 15 to 20 minutes away from the smaller Idaho communities of Buhl and Hagerman.

How To Get To Blue Heart Springs

From Banbury Hot Springs

You can get there by boat in several different ways. The most common route begins at Banbury Hot Springs. Banbury Hot Springs, located near Hageman, Idaho, has a kayak, paddleboard rentals, and a boat launch. Banbury Adventures rents kayaks from Monday through Saturday for 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. Although there is a launch fee, you can also bring your kayaks and launch them at the Banbury boat launch.

Blue Heart Springs is a 1.5-mile paddle downriver from Banbury Hot Springs that takes 30 to 45 minutes. The return trip takes a little longer, from 45 minutes to an hour, because you will paddle upriver. Whether you plan to hire kayaks or launch your own, making reservations online beforehand is best.

From Ritter Island

You can also get there from Ritter Island if you want to go on a longer kayaking journey. It is part of the 1000 Springs State Park. The kayaking voyage from here is roughly twice as lengthy as the excursion from Banbury Hot Springs.

If you have two vehicles available, you could either launch at Ritter Island and terminate at Banbury Hot Springs (5 miles away); or paddle a kayak out and back from Ritter Island (7 miles). Start at Ritter Island if you decide to paddle one way, then paddle downstream to Banbury (unless you’re seeking an extra challenge). The many waterfalls and crystal clear water surrounding Ritter Island are stunning; this is the ideal route if you have the time and energy.

How Difficult Is It To Get To Blue Heart Springs By Kayaking?

Blue Heart Springs is a relatively straightforward half-day kayaking adventure from Banbury Hot Springs. The Snake River’s current is ordinarily gentle, making for a pleasant 3-mile round-trip paddle. The route from Ritter Island is more than twice as long and more challenging, although you may still complete it in a single day.

The Snake River’s conditions vary periodically and according to current weather conditions. Check current Snake River flow rates before attempting to kayak, and do not attempt to kayak if conditions are unsafe. Heavy winds can also make the kayaking journey much more challenging, so check the weather forecast before preparing.

Why Is Idaho’s Blue Heart Springs A Kayaker’s Paradise?

Blue Heart Springs is a secluded cove surrounded by calm, sapphire-blue waters, just a few meters from the Snake River. This cove has a human-like heart shape named Blue Heart Springs. It is a freshwater spring, which means groundwater bursts up from an aquifer or other opening in the ground and percolates to the earth’s surface. This makes water sports not only pleasurable but also, to a significant part, safe.

As all kayakers know, calm waters are the best currency in kayaking or other water paddling activities. The Blue Heart Spring is remarkably peaceful. In addition to it—or perhaps precisely because of it—the lake is so pure that it is possible to see the bed as clearly as an object in the bright sunlight.

Additional Things To Consider When Visiting Blue Heart Springs

Some essential facts will be helpful as you kayak down the Snake River to Blue Heart Springs. For starters, the adventure should cost around $30. That is the average projected cost per person, including renting a kayak and the boat launch fee.

Because kayaking depends on the Snake River’s current flow rates, it’s always a good idea to verify the river’s current flow rates beforehand. The most fabulous season for kayaking in Blue Heart Spring is spring through fall.

The only way to get to Blue Heart Springs is by water. Blue Heart Springs cannot be reached by foot since the Snake River hems it in on one side and a sheer canyon wall on the other.

Exploring Blue Heart Springs

Blue Heart Springs is a tropical lagoon in Idaho that is so pure and blue that it will amaze you. With just one look, you will want to get right in. Swimming is, thankfully, permitted. The water temperature hovers about 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius), so going for a swim may be a lot of fun.