A new open AI-driven tool from Tripadvisor will allow travelers to generate itineraries in minutes. Tripadvisor is the newest travel company to create and implement ChatGPT based plugins. 

Currently in its beta phase, the tool is only available in the United States. However, travelers will be able to optimize their travel search experience and save a lot of time. 

Travelers simply have to input the key details of their trip to create a customized itinerary. According to Kiplinger Personal Finance, data centered around desired activities, the number of travelers, destinations and length of stay easily outputs “a day-by-day plan tailored to the user’s travel style.” The tool also can help search for available flights. 

Tripadvisor Guides Travelers As They Lean Into AI

Photo credit: RDNE Stock project

American travelers are growing more comfortable with using AI for travel needs. Data from Statista Research Department revealed that 75 percent of survey participants would rather use AI for accommodation planning. Instead of relying on human customer service agents, travelers are having better experiences with chatbots. 

The new tool joins a host of new technology bursting onto the travel scene. Recently, Austin based tech company Mondee rolled out Adhi. It’s a new AI planning system, the tool is described to Fox Business as “the most powerful in the industry.”

“Abhi is the first fully-integrated AI platform, not just chatting but interacting and making actual bookings, even producing a customized, day-by-day travel guide, taking personalization to an entirely new level,” Mondee’s vice chairman Orestes Fintiklis said in a statement. 

Many other companies are using AI to optimize and simplify the travel experience. Kayak, Expedia and Priceline all have incorporated AI into their platforms.

Making Travel More Safe and Efficient

Tripadvisor’s feature is the newest in a long line of upcoming AI enhancements entering the travel industry. In addition to chatbots and itinerary planning, other anticipated advancements include facial recognition in airports, tagging for locating lost luggage and improvements to the TSA screening process. 

Peter Evans, CEO of Xtract One Technologies, told Katie Couric Media AI technology will make travel more efficient and safer.

“A.I. is very, very good at looking at all of the information presented,” Evans said. “It can swiftly sort out billions of points of data to see whether or not someone or something should be flagged as a potential threat, for example.”

Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel guidance platform. According to a press release, the AI will leverage billions of data points from reviews to generate personalized itineraries.