If you haven’t heard of travel beauty brand Ries yet, you’re in for a treat. The brand, whose name is inspired by the world “toiletries,” is the first reusable travel bottle partner to launch in Sephora

The founder of Ries, Megan Graham, is a Black woman who was once the beauty market director at Vogue. 

Graham tells WWD, “Ries is built for women and people in the way that we truly travel. Historically the bottles in the beauty industry have been built on single-use, cheap, inexpensive virgin plastics — they’re not built for the functionality that Ries provides.”

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From fashion industry to travel entrepreneur

The brand was born after Graham’s frequent packing experiences resulted in shoving her most loved beauty products “into little plastic bottles from Duane Reade and writing on them with a Sharpie,” she shares with WWD.

Graham was constantly on the move after starting her first job in Fashion Trend Forecasting. She spent a lot of time in airports, hotels, and taxis and knew there had to be a better way to transport her beauty and hair products.


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Ries bottles come in a chic forest green shade and travelers are able to personalize their bottles with labels based on the type of products that will go in each bottle. 

The brand was part of Sephora’s 2021 Accelerate cohort. In February 2022, Ries launched with its Essential Travel Bottle. 

Sets for everyday travel


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These TSA-approved bottles are also great for everyday travel, with bundles like The Hair Set, The Skin Set, and The Gym Set. These sets come with three bottles, with a starting price of $45.

You can find Ries on Sephora.com.

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