The Black-Owned Beauty Brand Wants Black Women To Live Their Best Lives
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kimberly Hairston Hicks

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kimberly Hairston Hicks

The Black-Owned Beauty Brand Wants Black Women To Live Their Best Lives

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Mar 1, 2021

Kimberly Hairston-Hicks is the brain behind Good Beaute’, a beauty company dedicated to improving melanin-enriched skin. The idea came to her after almost two decades of working for some of the world’s corporate beauty giants like L’Oréal, Cody, and Unilever.

“I’ve had a wonderful career in beauty and I loved it,” she shared with Travel Noire. “But when I got an opportunity to really think about what was missing in the market, I reflected on every time I would be in the boardroom with these corporate execs, and we would get to the topic of Black women. It was usually passed to the side.”

From that moment, Hairston-Hicks vowed to focus specifically on skincare for women if the opportunity arose to start her own company. She made good on that promise in October 2018 with the launch of the Good Face Vita C Collection which has already built a strong following.

Hairston-Hicks — her own face flawless and glowing — sat down with Travel Noire for Women’s History Month to discuss the challenges of building Good Beauté, her ultimate dream, and to give a preview of her latest line.

Travel Noire: Did you find it challenging when you were first starting out?

Oh my gosh, yes! Initially, I had one singular product in mind that I thought was a big need in the market, and it was to educate Black women to use sunscreen SPF on a regular basis. I started with that particular product and trying to work with different chemists to come up with a formula that didn’t leave that chalky white film. During the research Black women would tell us, one, they didn’t feel like they needed it. And two, even when they felt like they should, they did not want to compromise with that white filmy look. That was a big struggle, but at the same time, unfortunately, we can get melanoma. If we do get any forms of melanoma, we are three times more likely to actually die from it than our white counterparts. So it was really critical for me to do that.

TN: What part of your background has been most helpful in building your business?

I love data. So I approach things from the data, and then I’ll allow my instincts to also guide it. One of the things we discussed with Black women, was that we felt like we did not have enough hydration. They would say I’m always dry, even if I have oily skin. The second thing was when they do get blemishes, they felt like it was hyperpigmentation and dark spots. I started off with how can I address that? So, I created the vitamin C line, which deals with both issues. It’s a cleanser, a serum, and ultimately a hydrating SPF 50 to protect.

Courtesy of Goof Beauté

While you were being challenged, what was the thing that kept you motivated to continue?

What kept me motivated was really Black women. I will say I had a core group of test subjects that were either friends, family, and then people in the industry. As I was sending things out to them, they were like, Kimberly, this is wonderful. Or no, this is horrible. My source of energy was Black women just pushing me to continue. And it still really is.

What’s something that you want to do that you haven’t exactly done yet that you want to accomplish?

My real dream is to create this business where I can also empower other women, to be L’Oréal for Black women and deliver products to help us live our best lives from hair to skin, to overall beauty needs. That is my ultimate dream.

Do you have any products coming down the pipeline that you may be able to tell us about?

I do. They haven’t launched yet. They’re launching in April. As I mentioned, my source of energy is Black women. So the Vita C collection is wonderful. People rave about it, that they see their skin has improved, but I’m starting to get introduced to this new consumer; Black women who are wearing a beat face. They’re wearing mascara, they’re wearing a lot of makeup. And unfortunately, with the Vita C cleanser, they felt like they always had to use something before to remove the eye makeup or remove the lipstick. So to that, I said there has to be something that I could provide that’s gentle, that can remove makeup and help prep the skin.

We’re launching two new products under Good Beauté Radiance. It’s definitely a hydrating cleanser. Also, a transforming eye cream that you can use during the day.

Schedule a skin consultation and find out more about all the products listed at Good Beauté.

This interview has been edited and condensed for brevity and clarity.

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