Black-Owned Stacey Martin Lifestyle Is Reinventing The Look Of Luxury Comfort
Photo Credit: Stacey Martin Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Stacey Martin Lifestyle

Black-Owned Stacey Martin Lifestyle Is Reinventing The Look Of Luxury Comfort

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Aug 16, 2021

Stacey Martin, Founder and CEO of Stacey Martin Lifestyle, was born and raised in Ottawa, ON in Canada. The daughter of St. Kittitian and Nevisian parents, she is proud of her Caribbean background. Stacey is married with a son and is fortunate to have traveled to many places around the globe through her former career as a professional performing artist and Broadway dancer.

“Exploration and being submersed in new cultures is genuinely a great passion in my life,” said Stacey. “I am now embarking on my latest adventure, which will stretch me to great heights and bring impact to many.”

This latest adventure is the exciting release of her company’s new capsule collection, which will debut this fall. Last August, Stacey rebranded Kania Couture Inc., her fashion brand of 15 years, to eco-conscious luxe loungewear brand Stacey Martin Lifestyle.

Courtesy of Stacey Martin Lifestyle

“I am honored by my past successes and the people I built strong relationships with within that venture. However, the pandemic and growing social movement motivated me in a new direction to rebrand and scale. It’s such a necessary time to challenge yourself, adapt, and go for what you truly desire out of life. I always knew I had something special with my pieces, but I wanted the brand to reflect who I am.” 

Fashion has always been a fundamental component of Stacey’s life. Dancing in costumes since a very young age, she was always curious about trying new styles and never held back from accessorizing. Having lived in New York City for years, Stacey fell in love with the variety of looks and feels that a simple piece can provide.

“My fashion sense evolved over the years. I understood the importance of comfort and style, but found it challenging to get the best of both worlds. We sometimes sacrifice too much in the name of fashion, so it became my mission to design beautiful clothing that you can wear with ease.” 

Courtesy of Stacey Martin Lifestyle

Stacey Martin Lifestyle bridges the gap between fitness and fashionable clothing. Their tailored pieces are comfy without looking sloppy or too loungy. Each piece is made from the softest, natural cotton and rayon from bamboo materials. The fall collection will include pieces such as a one-piece zip-front bamboo jumper, the coziest Sherpa bomber with a removable oversized shawl collar hood, and the brand’s soft and stylish unisex joggers.

The new collection will also feature the brand’s signature wrap, a huge hit in the past that is returning with some new surprise details. Double-lined and made with rayon from bamboo/cotton fabric, it’s so comfortable, wearing it feels like receiving a hug. With a cozy oversized hood and a tie that cinches you at the waist, the overall silhouette is very flattering.

But there’s more than just luxury comfort that sets Stacey Martin Lifestyle apart from other loungewear brands. Not only does the company offer beautiful pieces that look fabulous on so many body types; they are thoughtful in their selections and strive to be more eco-conscious. The brand is also committed to inspiring and empowering the next generation of fashion creators.

Courtesy of Stacey Martin Lifestyle

“From selecting our fabrics, to reducing water usage for our dying process, and keeping manufacturing based in Canada, we have reduced our overall carbon footprint. Being a Black female-owned business is also a unique point of difference, especially in the Canadian fashion landscape. There was never anyone who looked like me in this capacity, and representation matters to inspire others to take on the journey of entrepreneurship.”

Passionate about fostering creativity and cultivating young entrepreneurs, Stacey Martin Lifestyle donates unused fabrics and material ends to a local fashion school, and holds workshops for its students.

“The goal is to educate them and inspire them to create. We want to empower the surrounding community, starting with the students, but we also have a bigger vision of our impact as the brand continues to grow.”

For more information on Stacey Martin Lifestyle, visit and follow @staceymartinlifestyle.

Courtesy of Stacey Martin Lifestyle

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