Portland boasts a thriving scene of Black-owned businesses, especially in its growing food culture. The city is home to over 4 million African Americans, representing about 2 percent of its population. The Black community has blended art and music with food to shape their neighborhoods. Here are 10 Black-owned restaurants in Portland.

Abbey Creek Winery

This small family winery in North Plains has 10 acres overflowing with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Since opening in 2008, Abbey Creek Winery has regularly partnered with local businesses for monthly art nights and brunch. The OG Crick is its accompanying restaurant where community vibes are encouraged and bellies are full. Owner and winemaker Bertony Faustin is the first Black winemaker in Oregon. Although he is the first, Faustin intends not to be the last.

  • Location: North Plains
  • Type of Cuisine: Winery
  • Menu Spotlight: Tasting Menu
  • Before You Go: Travelers can also find an OG Crick location at the Portland International Airport.

Daddy D’s Southern Style Southern BBQ

Located 12 minutes outside Portland, Daddy D’s Southern Style BBQ offers smoked meats, including beef brisket, pulled pork, and barbecued chicken, slow-cooked for 14 hours or more. They also serve traditional Southern-style cuisine, so everyone’s taste buds will leave happy.

  • Location: Vancouver
  • Type of Cuisine: Barbecue
  • Menu Spotlight: 3 Meat Combo Plate
  • Before You Go: If you’re unsure about what to order, look for the Famous Favorites symbol on the menu. These items indicate iconic, signature dishes hand-picked by Daddy D’s.

Deadstock Coffee

Former Nike shoe designer Ian Williams merged sneaker culture with this untraditional coffee shop under the mantra: Coffee Should Be Dope. Some of its specialty drinks include the Lebronald Palmer — a blend of coffee, sweet tea, and lemonade — and the Charged Up, a mixture of green coffee extract and lime-flavored Kool-Aid. Travelers won’t find coffee this unique anywhere else in Portland.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Coffee Shop
  • Menu Spotlight: Charged Up
  • Before You Go: Beyond coffee, Deadstock sells a ton of fantastic merchandise to take home with you.

Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine

Jamaica-born Keacean Ransom has brought island cuisine to Portland. This includes oxtails, plantains, and their highly requested rich and spicy homemade Jamaican jerk sauce. If you have a taste for Caribbean deliciousness while in Portland, a stop at this Black-owned restaurant is worth the visit.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Caribbean
  • Menu Spotlight: Brown Stew Chicken Meal
  • Before You Go: Like a true Caribbean family, Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine hopes its food brings people together and grows community.

Kee’s Loaded Kitchen

Folks stand in line for hours for one of Chef Kee’s loaded soul food plates. Each one is stacked with hot links, wings, a slab of smoked ribs, and a bowl of collard greens. It’s truly everything a soul food lover would want, served up all at once.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Loaded Everything Plate
  • Before You Go: Kee’s is a mobile food cart with outdoor seating for guests.

NE Creperie

Have you ever had marinated steak inside a crepe? Travelers can grab this unique crepe at the NE Creperie. This savory crepe food cart is known for its signature fresh Berry Delight Crepe, which features blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, Nutella, almonds, and whipped cream.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Crepes
  • Menu Spotlight: Fish & Grits Crepe
  • Before You Go: The hours at the restaurant may vary, so be sure to check their website before you go.

Po’Shines Cafe De La Soul

While visiting Portland, travelers should support this nonprofit, church-operated Cajun soul food restaurant. Po’Shines has fed the city’s Black community for over 10 years. You’ll rejuvenate your soul and stomach with Chef James Bradley’s catfish po’boys.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Cajun
  • Menu Spotlight: Catfish Sandwich
  • Before You Go: The restaurant has expanded to include a catering company and a culinary clinic for anyone pursuing a career in culinary arts.

Assembly Brewing

Assembly Brewing is the first Black-owned and operated brewery in Oregon. They have incredible beverages and house brews, along with delicious Detroit-style pizza. Travelers will find this Black-owned gem in the Foster-Powell neighborhood. The brew house is dedicated to creating unique experiences for guests.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Brewery
  • Menu Spotlight: Detroit-style Pizza
  • Before You Go: Assembly Brewing has two locations in Portland, and the new brew house is opening in the New Annex.

Olive or Twist

Olive or Twist is a cute martini bar in the Pearl District where travelers can grab a drink while in the city. They also have great food. You can choose from various small plates or a larger entree like sandwiches and Catfish Atchafalaya.

  • Location: Pearl District
  • Type of Cuisine: Martini Bar
  • Menu Spotlight: Duck Fat Frites
  • Before You Go: Other travelers suggest trying the Chocolate Sinkhole for dessert when visiting Olive or Twist.


A husband and wife duo combined their backgrounds to create a new food concept in Portland. Nacheaux merges Southwest cuisine with Louisiana Creole-style cooking for a fusion festival of flavor. The husband, Chef Anthony, and his wife, Stephanie, are always cooking new, innovative recipes to wow guests at Nacheaux.

  • Location: Portland
  • Type of Cuisine: Mexican-Cajun Fusion
  • Before You Go: Nacheaux announced on its website they’re going mobile. Check the site and social media to see where the fusion-style restaurant will pop up next.

Portland may not be at the top of your travel foodie bucket list. However, the city has many Black-owned restaurants that are worth exploring when visiting Oregon’s biggest city.