For decades, Harlem has been a melting pot of culture, creativity, and Black excellence. As time passes, the New York City borough continues to evolve, giving birth to a new generation of innovators, creators, and magicians of the culture. Harlem’s culinary scene proves that creativity and renaissance are happening every day behind the scenes in the kitchens of the city’s best Black-owned restaurants. Here are 10 Black-owned restaurants to visit in Harlem the next time you’re in NYC.  

Chocolat Harlem 

Chocolat Harlem is the place to go for some of the best soul food in New York City. The walls and decor of the establishment are adorned with chocolate and brown hues. The tone is set before guests arrive, and the staff goes above and beyond to care for everyone who enters. Travelers will find incredible comfort foods on the menu with elevated flairs that are unique and captivating. Chocolat Harlem is a fun and welcoming restaurant that should be at the top of any list of places to visit in Harlem.

  • Location: Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food
  • Menu Spotlight: Seafood Croquettes & Grits
  • Before You Go: Chocolat Harlem has an incredible brunch menu you should experience whenever visiting the borough.

Greedy Pot

The Greedy Pot on Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard has the best of both worlds. The restaurant serves many traditional soul food dishes, but it also has a Caribbean flair, with dishes like Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken gracing the menu. Either way, the Black-owned restaurant in Harlem has a style that is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner when in the city.

  • Location: Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food 
  • Menu Spotlight: Curry Goat Plate
  • Before You Go: The Greedy Pot is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

NBHD Brulee

NBHD Brulee has all the comfortable and chic vibes of a modern coffee shop with all of your food favorites. It has outdoor and indoor seating, an array of coffee and espresso delights, and breakfast and lunch faves. The restaurant and cafe is a true Harlem gem with a little bit of everything for every type of traveler.

  • Location: Central Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Coffee Shop & Restaurant
  • Menu Spotlight: Cajun Shrimp & Grits
  • Before You Go: Locals love NBHD Brulee for its delicious breakfast sandwiches, so add this to your list of places to visit for a morning treat. 


Folks from all over love VeganHood, located in Harlem. The plant-based restaurant has the perfect aesthetic and even better high-quality food. They strive to uphold the mantra “Veganized, Not Compromised,” ensuring they only serve customers the best. The menu is 100 percent vegan, so it is a great choice for vegan travelers visiting Harlem.

  • Location: Frederick Douglass Boulevard
  • Type of Cuisine: Vegan
  • Menu Spotlight: Saint Nick Fried Chix
  • Before You Go: Word on the street is that VeganHood has the best vegan fried chicken in the city.


FIELDTRIP is a Black-owned restaurant in Harlem that offers a variety of rice bowls for every type of guest. They pair high-quality protein and vegetables with heirloom grains to make the perfect bowl. The founder, Chef JJ Johnson, is a James Beard Award-winning chef who believes rice connects people around the world. Now, guests can experience the globally inspired restaurant on a visit to NYC. 

  • Location: Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Rice Bowls
  • Menu Spotlight: Braised Beef Rice Bowl
  • Before You Go: FIELDTRIP has three locations in NYC — Harlem, Rock Center, and Morningside.


At Teranga in Harlem, everyone is family. The Co-Founder & Executive Chef Pierre Thiam grew up on West Africa’s coast. He learned the secrets of African-grown ingredients and how to incorporate them into recipes old and new. Now, Teranga takes guests on a journey through tastebuds and culinary traditions rooted in African allure.

  • Location: Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Senegalese cuisine
  • Menu Spotlight: Suya Super Bowl
  • Before You Go: Teranga means “good hospitality” in Senegal. It means to be in the highest regard, to give you a glimpse into the service you’ll experience at this lovely restaurant. 


An award-winning restaurant, Vineteria is where Spanish and Italian cuisines meet. Proprietor Yvette Leeper-Bueno has a deep connection to Harlem. It’s no surprise she opened her restaurant in the same neighborhood where her parents met and continues to showcase the beauty of food and fine hospitality. The menu at Vinateria is creative and forward-thinking. It also features an incredible wine bar. The establishment has been featured in major publications, from the New York Times to Thrillist.

  • Location: Frederick Douglass Boulevard
  • Type of Cuisine: Spanish & Italian Cuisine
  • Menu Spotlight: Pan-Seared Black Sea Bass
  • Before You Go: The wine at Vinateria is just as amazing as the food, so be sure to have a glass to pair it with your meal.

Sisters Caribbean Cuisine

Serving the Manhattan area since opening in 1995, Sisters Caribbean Cuisine is a real Harlem gem. It’s described as a culinary tour of the Caribbean right in NYC. The original owner immigrated to the United States from Guyana decades ago and opened her restaurant, hoping to spread the joys of Caribbean food to the masses. Today, her son runs the restaurant and keeps the legacy of their family business alive and thriving.

  • Location: East Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Caribbean
  • Menu Spotlight: Trinidadian Style Stewed Chicken
  • Before You Go: Sisters is a great spot to get a wide range of Caribbean foods inspired by the culinary arts of islands, including Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Lucia, and more.


A unique and diverse food spot nestled into Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Silvana is a Black-owned restaurant in Harlem serving Israeli cuisine. They have an array of colorful menu items inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine. Travelers can stop in for lunch, a cup of coffee, or to enjoy live music at one of the many music events hosted by the restaurant. Silvana is a vibe where great food, local music, and fresh energy collide.

  • Location: South Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Israeli
  • Menu Spotlight: Moroccan French Toast
  • Before You Go: Silvana is one of three establishments owned by Abdel Ouedraogo and Sivan Baron. They also run the Yatentga French Bistro and Shrine World Music Venue.

Charles’ Pan-Fried Chicken

Charles’ Pan-Fried Chicken has a long legacy of serving locals and visitors in Harlem. Owner Charles Gabriel grew up in North Carolina, picking cotton with his parents, who were sharecroppers. After long days in the fields, he’d watch his mother cook for their family, picking up her techniques and recipes. Decades after relocating to New York City, Charles’ chicken is a delicacy in the Big Apple. The restaurant has three locations — two in Harlem and another on the Upper West Side. Known as the King of Fried Chicken in NYC, Charles has what you need to feed your soul on the go.

  • Location: Multiple Locations In Harlem
  • Type of Cuisine: Soul Food To Go
  • Menu Spotlight: Pan Fried Chicken
  • Before You Go: Before Charles’ Pan-Fried Chicken had multiple locations in the New York City area, the fried chicken empire started as a food truck in the 1980s.

There’s no place in the world like Harlem. Since the Harlem Renaissance years ago, the neighborhood has continued to grow and shine as a beacon of Black greatness. The restaurants there are no exception and shine through in their respective cuisines like no other destination in the U.S. Let this list of Black-owned restaurants in Harlem guide you on your next culinary tour through the city.