Grenada is home to tranquil beaches and decadent cuisine, but the tiny Caribbean destination is also home to one of the world’s finest all-inclusive beach resorts, and it happens to be black-owned.


Owned and operated by Sir Royston Hopkin and his wife and children, the Spice Island Beach Resort covers eight acres and features 64 suites, two restaurants, a lavish spa and polished service that has earned the property AAA’s elusive Five Diamond and AAHS’s Six Star Diamond Awards. The Hopkin family hails from Grenada and they have worked for years to keep the celebrated hotel all in the family.

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From smaller garden suites that are 620 sq. ft to sprawling rooms that have their own pools, saunas and outdoor terraces, the rooms are second only to the hotel’s amenities. Guests here pay one rate and receive all meals and excursions as part of their room fee, which is perfect for those that don’t want to worry about their budget while on vacation.


The property has bounced back from several hurricanes over the years and manages to return even more impressive than before. Learn more about the Spice Island Beach Resort here.


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