Jamaica is a beautiful country and a favorite destination for American travelers. With its tropical breeze, white sandy beaches, and delicious food, folks love to visit the Caribbean island at any time of the year. Black-owned hotels, resorts, and stays have a legacy in Jamaica. Some have been around for more than 20 years and are owned and operated by families dedicated to hospitality and comfort. The next time you’re headed to Jamaica, book a stay at one of these Black-owned accommodations to get a hefty dose of tender love and care. 

Travellers Beach Resort

For a Black-owned resort experience in Jamaica, book a stay at Travellers Beach Resort. The accommodation was founded in 1992 by Winston Wellington, a famous Jamaican leader in education. Now, the resort is a favorite play to stay for travelers from all over the world.

  • Location: Negril, Jamaica
  • Type of Accommodation: Resort
  • Owners: Wellington Family
  • Before You Go: Travellers Beach Resort is located in a great location just five minutes from Negril’s town center.

Negril Treehouse Resort

Located on Seven Mile Beach, Negril Treehouse Resort is a favorite for travelers in Jamaica. It has all the vibes of an authentic Caribbean experience, with 70 rooms, a spa, food accommodations, and more. Negril Treehouse is the perfect place to catch the island breeze on one of Jamaica’s favorite beaches.

  • Location: Negril, Jamaica
  • Type of Accommodation: Resort
  • Owners: Gail Jackson
  • Before You Go: Since it’s located on the beach, Negril Treehouse has access to some of the best seafood on the island.

The RunAway 

If you’re traveling to Jamaica with a group or family and want private accommodations, look no further than the RunAway. This five-bedroom Airbnb is spectacular, with incredible views, privacy, an outdoor pool, continental breakfast, and a staff. The property is beautiful and is the ultimate luxury stay when in Jamaica.

  • Location: Runaway Bay, Jamaica
  • Type of Accommodation: Airbnb
  • Owners: Arlett
  • Before You Go: Even though travelers get their privacy at the RunAway, the house is only minutes from the beach, shops, and restaurants.

Golden Castle Villas & Spa

Golden Castle is a private, luxury villa surrounded by palm trees and tropical flora. It sits atop a hill and has 12 large bedrooms, perfect for large groups of travelers. This property offers stunning views from every angle, and guests love the Caribbean hospitality of the staff.

  • Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Type of Accommodation: Private Villa
  • Before You Go: This property has a private chef on staff to prepare your favorite Caribbean dishes.

Villa Lolita Tryall

Another exclusive property from the Tryall Club, Villa Lolita, has endless amenities. Travelers can enjoy an 18-hole golf course, a private beach, a tennis facility, and much more.

  • Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Type of Accommodation: Luxury Villa 
  • Owners: Trayall Club
  • Before You Go: All bookings for the Villa Lolita are handled through the Tryall Club. Travelers should reach out through the club website to book a stay.

High Levels Ja

Located on a hilltop with beautiful views, High Levels Ja is a vacation rental property about 20 minutes from Kingston. A couple started the Airbnb in 2017, and travelers love to stay there when visiting Jamaica. The property is a secluded wonderland, perfect for self-care getaways, nature retreats, and those looking to relax away from crowded tourist areas. 

  • Location: St. Thomas, Jamaica
  • Type of Accommodation: Airbnb
  • Owners: Rohan & Ellis
  • Before You Go: There’s more to this property than meets the eye, including a hidden grove where you can pick fresh mangos for breakfast.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels to choose from when visiting Jamaica. However, staying at one of the island’s Black-owned accommodations is a special experience. The properties hold stories of the history of Jamaica and are told in ways visitors could not describe. There is a sweet vibration in the heart of Caribbean hospitality that travelers will only find at these incredible properties.