5 Black-Owned CBD Companies In Charlotte, NC
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Max and Lola Bodega

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Max and Lola Bodega

5 Black-Owned CBD Companies In Charlotte, NC

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 16, 2019

Everywhere we turn, we see the letters CBD popping up. While many are still skeptical about using the product, it actually has many properties that are beneficial for people of all ages.

CBD is a chemical compound of the cannabis-Sativa plants. If you have a female-only plant, it will produce THC as a result of not being germinated. That is your marijuana plant. If the plant is mated with a male plant, that’s when THC is low and you get higher CBD. CBD is simply a compound. THC is also a compound. Each compound has different properties as far as the effects it has. THC is the compound that gets you “high.”

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The big difference between THC and CBD is that THC is still illegal in most states, while CBD is legal everywhere.

We found 5 Black-owned CBD companies in and around the Charlotte area and we wanted to share them with you. Check them out.

Max and Lola Bodega

Owner Holly Rodriguez left the healthcare industry to get into the CBD industry. She has her own product lines which include items for your furry friends as well. This Charlotte spot also has a bar complete with CBD infused cocktails. Outside, you’ll find an on-site food truck that cooks up some bomb CBD tacos.

My Greenhouse CBD

This brand just moved to the Concord area, which is only a short drive north of city center Charlotte. Just like most other CBD brands, they over pre-rolls, topicals, as well as edibles. What sets this particular spot apart is that they offer CBD paint nights. So, grab your crew and relax while getting your Picasso on.

Potions CBD

Located close to South Charlotte, Potions CBD offers a brand of water infused with the compound as well. You can hydrate and relax at the same damn time. The claim to fame for this particular business is their CBD yoga classes. You can try the class for free on Sunday evenings. Namaste!

Queen City CBD

If you are in or near the Lake Norman area of the city, this will be your go-to spot. Owners Marcus Clark and Antoine Turner Owens even offer delivery services to those within a certain distance from the store. Grab your favorite CBD products such as bath bombs and lotions.

Satans Breath CBD

While this is not an actual storefront, it’s a pretty unique brand. Owner and Executive Chef Paul Booker whipped up this line of CBD infused hot sauces. He uses one of the world’s hottest peppers, known as the reaper, which is also native to North Carolina.

Little Belize

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