Craft beer has become a cultural phenomenon in the United States with Black-owned Breweries popping up across the nation. In this thriving industry, Black people own only around 1 percent of all breweries. These trailblazers not only craft exceptional beers, but also promote diversity and inclusion in an industry that historically has lacked representation.

Here are five outstanding Black-owned breweries to support across the United States.

Weathered Souls Brewing

Located in San Antonio, Weathered Souls Brewing is an influential Black-owned brewery that advocates for social justice and equality. Founded by Marcus Baskerville, Weathered Souls Brewing gained widespread recognition with their initiative, the “Black is Beautiful” beer.

The brewery invited other breweries across the US and around the world to join them in brewing their own version of “Black is Beautiful,” with the proceeds supporting organizations fighting racial injustice and promoting equality. The initiative became a worldwide movement with over 1,200 participating breweries, raising millions of dollars for various causes.

Beyond the “Black is Beautiful” initiative, Weathered Souls Brewing offers a range of exceptional beers. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and unique barrel-aged creations, their beer lineup appeals to diverse palates.

Two Locals Brewing Co.

Located in Philadelphia, Two Locals Brewing Co. holds the distinction of being the city’s first Black-owned brewery. Brothers Richard and Mengistu Koilor founded the company and began their journey as homebrewers. They honed their craft and learned about the art and science of making beer.

Two Locals’ offerings include signature brews, like “Nubian,” a brown ale, “Prolific,” an India pale ale, and “Who You Wit?,” a Belgian wheat beer brewed with orange peel, lemon peel and coriander. These beers boast unique and robust flavors, reflecting the Koilor brothers’ dedication to their craft.

Harlem Brewing Co.

Founded by Celeste Beatty, Harlem Brewing Co. is a Black-owned brewery that prides itself on capturing the essence and history of Harlem through its beers. Their flagship beer, “Sugar Hill Golden Ale,” pays tribute to the iconic Harlem neighborhood that was a hub of cultural and artistic achievements during the Harlem Renaissance. The brewery also offers other beer styles, including pale ales and stouts.

Harlem Brewing Co. supports local artists in Harlem. They host events, partner with local organizations and offer virtual classes and an AirBnBeer home brewing experience. Through their beer and community engagement, Harlem Brewing Co. celebrates the rich history and spirit of Harlem.

Hella Coastal

Located in Oakland, CA, Hella Coastal desires to foster a more equitable brewing industry. Founded by Mario Benjamin and Chaz Hubbard, the brewery offers a variety of beer styles to cater to different tastes. It is also Oakland’s only Black-owned brewery.

Their “Mango Habanero” is an American wheat ale that is a perfect blend of sweetness and spice. For those seeking a lighter option, “Orange Kolsch” provides a smooth and refreshing experience with a touch of citrusy sweetness.

Hella Coastal has been involved in impactful work like Inclusion Beer, a project in which breweries are required to create their own DE&I committee. Reflecting the spirit of Oakland and its diverse beer culture, the company is doing its part to advocate for inclusivity.

Rhythm Brewing Co.

Rhythm Brewing Co., founded by Alisa Bowens-Mercado, combines a love of beer and music, creating a harmonious experience. Based in New Haven, CT, the company focuses on brewing flavorful beers that resonate with the soul.

At the heart of Rhythm Brewing is their flagship beer, “Rhythm Unfiltered Lager,” a clean and crisp brew with a light malt backbone that satisfies craft beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The brewery also released a “Rhythm Blue” variety, continuing to showcase their creativity and commitment to excellence.